Pond Scum Comic

Artist Corner: The Whimsical “Pond Scum Comic” By Armando Avila

Welcome to the second edition of our Artist Corner Featuring Webcomics series. Today we have Pond Scum Comic. This comic is a weekly strip written and drawn by Armando Avila, a writer for The Daily Fandom. Each week has a different gag about whatever silly thought comes to Armando’s mind. There is some cynicism, a bit of nerdiness, and lots of silliness in each strip.

The Pond Scum Comic Is Everywhere!

If you want to check out Pond Scum Comic, look no further. Armando is all over social media, Patreon, and will appreciate any and all eyes he can get on his wonderful webcomic. In this series, we will be showcasing some of the whimsical content Pond Scum Comic is known for.

One of the great aspects about Armando’s comic is that the Pond Scum Comic is unique and different from each strip that comes out. As mentioned before, each week is a different gag. That is exciting because not only do you — as a reader — get a new gag every week. But, something unconventional and entertaining happens every week again and again. That is what makes the Pond Scum Comic an incredible webcomic to feature on our Artist Corner.Pond Scum Comic

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