Black Widow‘s hairstyles are fresh nearly every film, but they are always stunning and stylish. Natasha is not only a top-notch spy but she also has impeccable style when it comes to her locks. While her personality goes much deeper than her hairstyles, they can give us insight into her character. The changes we see from her first appearance in Iron Man 2 to Avengers: Infinity War and the new looks in Avengers: Endgame trailers are unique without changing her overall aesthetic.

1. Iron Man 2

Black Widow Hairstyles
Black Widow In Iron Man 2 by Marvel Studios (2010)

Our first introduction to Natasha Romanoff was in Iron Man 2 where she started out as Pepper Potts’s assistant. She reveals herself as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent sent by Nick Fury to better monitor Tony Stark. In keeping with her shaded past, her hair is dark red and in loose curls. For a first impression, her style exudes competence and elegance that could turn deadly at her whim.

2. The Avengers

Black Widow's Hairstyles
Black Widow In The Avengers by Marvel Studios (2012)

Lightening and shortening her look for the first Avengers film, Natasha’s no-nonsense look is a classic. We meet her as she “interrogates” behind enemy lines. After she is extracted, Black Widow helps bring Bruce Banner on-board the Avengers initiative and eventually fights in the Battle of New York against Loki. Though she was vital to their success, her past as a spy seems to separate her from the rest of the team.

3. Captain America: Winter Soldier

Black Widow Hairstyles
Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier — Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) Photo: Zade Rosenthal © 2014. All Rights Reserved.

As the S.H.E.I.L.D. falls, Natasha helps Steve Rogers navigate the new regime. Though Cap is unsure about Natasha’s trustworthiness at first, she proves her loyalty and sticks with Cap. Black Widow’s hairstyle is straightened and an even lighter red than previous movies. While she shows Steve how to stay out of sight, she starts to reveal that she is more than just a spy without loyalties.

4. Avengers: Age Of Ultron

In Avengers: Age of Ultron we learn more about Black Widow’s history in the Red Room and as a spy in training. Opening up to Bruce Banner deepens Natasha’s connection with the team. Her hair is similar to her The Avengers style but keeps the lighter tinge of The Winter Soldier. Though more tousled for most of the movie, it displays the duress the team is under.

Black Widow Hairstyles
Black Widow In Age of Ultron by Marvel Studios (2015)

5. Avengers: Civil War

Avengers: Civil War is pivotal to Natasha’s moral journey. While her hair is back to a darker red, the looser waves are reminiscent of Farrah Fawcett. The deeper shade is more natural but still classic Black Widow red. While Black Widow’s conscience dictates that she signs the Sokovia Accords, her loyalty to Cap is unshaken and she fights for her ideals while still protecting her friends.

Black Widow's Hairstyles
Black Widow In Civil War by Marvel Studios (2016)

6. Avengers: Infinity War

For her Avengers: Infinity War look, Natasha completely overhauls her hair. Bleaching it platinum blonde and shortening it back to a bob hairstyle, the style sets her apart from the other redhead on the team, Wanda Maximoff. While it might just be to avoid character confusion or explain it away as Natasha’s disguise in the aftermath of the Avengers: Civil War, there are other theories in circulation.

Black Widow In Infinity War by Marvel Studios (2018)

Throughout her story arc, Black Widow reveals she has “red on her ledger.” This haunts her even as she fights for good. However, as she works with the Avengers and finds her moral footing, her dark past, as well as her hair, seems to grow lighter and easier to bear.

In the aftermath of Captain America: Winter Soldier, her secrets have been publicized and she no longer fears for their release. After Winter Soldier, Natasha decides what she believes and what side she stands on. So wiping her ledger clean and giving her a fresh start. Perhaps this journey is reflected in her hair choices with her hair dark and long red in Iron Man 2 and continuing to her short, platinum pick in Avengers: Infinity War. Though her spy instincts are still being utilized, Natasha has come to accept herself and her place on the Avengers team.

7. Black Widow’s Hairstyles In Avengers: Endgame & Beyond

Black Widow's Hairstyles
Black Widow In Endgame by Marvel Studios (2019)

In the trailer for Avengers: Endgame, Black Widow sports a couple of hairstyles. From her Infinity War look to the growth of her natural red; Natasha’s styles give viewers a glimpse into the time frame of Endgame. Additionally, the tousled look adds to the film’s more desperate and perhaps a glimpse into Natasha’s unfiltered self.

Black Widow's Hairstyles
Black Widow In Endgame by Marvel Studios (2019)

Whatever Avengers: Endgame brings, Black Widow has become a stalwart and strong part of the Avengers. As we learn more about Black Widow, her hairstyles keep us intrigued and give us insight into her character.

Vote now for your favorite looks and see how your picks line up with others’! Which Black Widow hair is the best? The one you would like to see stay consistent for the rest of the MCU?

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