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Please Like Me: An ultra realistic, no-BS series about being young, gay, awkward and insecure.

In a Nutshell

Please Like Me follows the life of Josh, a young man who one day realizes he’s gay after his girlfriend breaks up with him. From that day on, Josh begins to explore his sexuality, while remaining an awkward, insecure person. Luckily, he’s got a great sense of humor and supportive friends.

Meet the Characters

Josh - Please Like MeJosh is a 20-year-old gay man who is trying to find his place in the world. Josh is very awkward and insecure, and he actually calls himself unattractive and ‘unlovable’. He’s currently living with his closest friend, Tom. Josh is very loving, caring and, faithful, yet both Tom and Josh are brutally honest with each other. Josh also has a dog named John, and a complicated relationship with his divorced parents.

Thomas - Please Like MeThomas is Josh’s roommate and one of his best friends. Tom is heterosexual and he’s worried he may be addicted to sex. He’s also got several girlfriends through the course of the series. He likes to smoke marijuana and does so almost on a daily basis. Even though he tries to do the right thing, he always ends up getting himself in romantic problems one way or another. He’s also very loyal and supportive of Josh, despite enjoying teasing him.

claireClaire is Josh’s ex-girlfriend, as well as his and Tom’s friend. Claire breaks up with Josh in the pilot because, among other things, she believes he’s gay. Claire is a very fun, confident and honest girl. Throughout the series, she remains good friends with Josh, and they are always supporting each other. However, Claire’s appearance in the series is quite inermittent, as she’s an ambitious girl who likes to move around a lot.

Characters and romantic partners come and go in Please Like Me, but these are the three main friends from the first season, without giving too much away.

A Brief History of Please Like Me: the When, Where and How

Please Like Me is an Australian comedy drama series that premiered in 2013 on ABC2 (Australia), and later on Pivot (United States). The series is written by Josh Thomas, who also stars as Josh himself. Executive producer Todd Abbott stated that he had originally pitched the show as a drama rather than a sitcom.

Please Like Me has attracted praise from critics and viewers alike, and has garnered numerous nominations, winning eight awards.

Why It’s Awesome

please like me

If you’ve watched a lot of television, chances are you have developed the ability to predict storylines. Unfortunately, most series seem to be following the same formulas and cliché over and over, which can be both boring and disappointing. Perhaps you wish these stories could be a bit more realistic, and therefore, unpredictable. If that’s the case, then Please Like Me will surprise you in a good way.

It’s surprising to watch a series that addresses tabboo topics (mental illness, abortion, and even pubic hair!) with honesty and naturality. Blatant honesty is one of the keys to good comedy, and Please Like Me knows how to do this perfectly without being offensive or becoming too self-aware. Don’t be fooled, though. Just as there are comedic moments, Please Like Me also has its dark moments when it shows how unfair and unpredictable life can be at times.

There’s no big storylines or character arcs in the series, as it’s more about following the day-to-day lives of the characters in their natural habitat. Because of this, the show feels truly sweet, cozy, and genuine.

Overall Score

Show Quality9/10
Comedy/Drama ratio9/10
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