Sister Filmmakers Release PIECES: PARTY Web Series!

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PIECES: PARTY is a dramatic and hilarious new web series. This is an upcoming web series that has a trailer and a release date. This web series is created by Sophie and Hayley Kokott (Floor Thirteen Films).

PIECES: PARTY Web Series Is About What?

PIECES: PARTY includes a variety of young and up and coming actors from Saskatchewan. This series follows nine different characters and their unique perspectives of a wild party. Each episode of the series follows a new character through the night and the events leading up to it.

These characters will throw themselves into unexpected situations, friendships will remain tested, and romance somewhere along the lines will become discovered. You could call this one crazy night. I know I sure would. These two sisters have created something wondrous from the writing to the developing of the web series.

The Kokott Sisters: The Vision

The Kokott sisters spent about a year writing and developing the story of PIECES: PARTY. Sophie has stated that [PIECES: PARTY] was challenging to create – she and her sister weaved many ideas and together and many stories at that, too. It was an exciting idea to bring together these characters and these background character’s stories.

When you watch the series, look carefully – you will see nine different stories in each episode. Hayley, on the other hand, says that PIECES: PARTY delights audiences with a diverse and refreshing kind of storytelling. Viewers will remain engaged and be sitting on the edge of their seats. You will not want to miss the ending of each episode – it will keep you guessing.

PIECES: PARTY – Get Ready!

The series was filmed in Saskatoon, SK in August of 2017. They had a budget of 600$, and you will be able to see it all come together on YouTube in February 2018. The trailer, which you can watch below, is wonderful.

We are doing just the same by talking to you about it and peaking your interest in PIECES: PARTY. The trailer is forty-five seconds, and it raises dramatic questions and juicy awareness about the lives of these nine characters. PIECES: PARTY is a web series you will not want to miss out on in February. Trust us, this is going to be your new favorite web series.