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ZdoggMD alias Zubin Damania is a famous internet celebrity famous for his comedy sketches, parodies, music, and also as a health care professional. He is an American physician and a professor who was born on 23rd April 1973. Zubin Damania is currently 49 years old, soon going to be 50.

ZdoggMD was born in New York and grew up in Clovis, California. He has Indian Parsi roots because of his parents who were both doctors. Zubin Damania has a great educational background as he went to UC Berkley, then to UCFC to study medicine. Finally, he went to Stanford School of Medicine. He has completed his research in genetics and cell biology.

Damania has given many speeches and at many events, his speech was known to be one of the best speeches like the one in TEDMED 2013 on preventive care. He used his humor with the knowledge of medicine to deliver his speeches. 

Zubin Damania created his internet identity as ZdoggMD where he put out his comedy sketches, health care parodies, music, etc. He appeared in his first music video with Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy in Billionaire. The music video attained more than 200,000 views. 

ZdoggMD has about 467k subscribers on his youtube channel 800 million views. His Instagram has about 530k+ followers where he posts hilarious memes, reels, and videos. His content is mostly related to health care and genetics. 

ZdoggMD with His Wife and Children

Zubin Damania got married to Margaret Lin who is an associate professor at Stanford University. Margaret’s areas of expertise are Thoracic and Cardiovascular Imaging. She studied BA in Biochemistry from Harvard and completed her MD from Stanford itself. She’s also an Associate Program Director at Stanford. 

Lin also works with her husband Zubin Damania with his channel ZdoggMD as a Managing Editor and teleradiologist with Vision Radiology. They have two daughters together who are called #Zpupp by ZdoggMD on his Instagram account. 

Let’s check out some of the rare pics of ZdoggMD with his wife and children.


ZdoggMD With His Wife And Children


ZdoggMD With His Wife And Children


ZdoggMD With His Wife And Children


ZdoggMD With His Wife And Children


ZdoggMD With His Wife And Children


ZdoggMD With His Wife And Children


ZdoggMD With His Wife And Children


ZdoggMD With His Wife And Children

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