Looking for rare pics of Michael Chandler with his wife. Well, check out the pictures below of Michael Chandler and Brie Chandler. 

Michael Chandler With His Wife

Michael Chandler With His Wife

Who is Michael Chandler?

Michael Chandler was born on 24 April 1986 in High Ridge, Missouri, USA, and is currently 36 years old. He has German and Irish descent. 

Michael Chandler With His Wife

Michael Chandler is an American professional mixed martial artist who competes in Bellator MMA. Chandler has been awarded many honors and achievements during his career. 

He is the only fighter in Bellator’s history to win two tournaments back to back and the first to win two titles for the organization.

In addition, Michael is also the first fighter to be crowned ‘Bantamweight” champion, and a Lightweight champion. He is now ranked no. #5 for UFC lightweight rankings. 

Chandler also holds his own record as the youngest tournament champion in MMA history, winning the ‘Lightweight’ tournament at 21 years of age.

He currently holds a record of 14-3. Michael earned the NCAA Division I All-American honors while competing in collegiate wrestling at the University of Missouri. 

Michael Chandler joined Xtreme Couture for mixed martial arts as soon as he got done with his wrestling career. His first MMA debut was with TKO victory over Kyle Swadley. He currently owns a fitness and MMA gym as well as a training camp in Nashville. 

michael chandler family

Chandler is extremely famous on Instagram and has about 1.3 million followers. He has appeared as a guest in various podcasts revealing his views, thoughts, and motivational speaking about different topics related to health, fitness, MMA, wrestling, etc. 

Michael Chandler’s MMA Career and Accomplishments

Michael Chandler has had an exceptional MMA career, marked by numerous accomplishments and memorable moments.

He became a three-time Bellator Lightweight Champion, winning the title in 2011 with a victory over Eddie Alvarez and successfully defending it multiple times.

Michael Chandler

Chandler’s performances in Bellator, including his thrilling first fight against Alvarez, solidified his reputation as a top fighter in the organization.

Known for his knockout power and finishing ability, Chandler has delivered impressive performances throughout his career, securing notable wins against respected opponents.

His collegiate wrestling background has been evident in his grappling skills and takedowns. In 2020, Chandler made a highly anticipated debut in the UFC and immediately made an impact by knocking out Dan Hooker.

This victory earned him the interim UFC Lightweight Championship and firmly established him as a contender in the UFC’s stacked lightweight division.

With a record of 22 wins and 6 losses, Chandler’s accomplishments and skill set have cemented his status as one of the elite fighters in the sport of MMA.

Michael Chandler’s Fighting Style and Technique

Michael Chandler is known for his aggressive and dynamic fighting style, which combines a diverse range of techniques from various disciplines.

Striking: Chandler possesses excellent striking skills and is proficient in both boxing and kickboxing. He utilizes a combination of powerful punches, kicks, and knees to engage his opponents.

His striking arsenal includes hooks, crosses, uppercuts, and devastating overhand rights, often aiming to deliver fight-ending blows.

Michael Chandler with his family

Wrestling: With a strong wrestling background, Chandler excels in takedowns and controlling his opponents on the ground.

He frequently utilizes his wrestling skills to secure takedowns and establish dominant positions, enabling him to deliver ground and pound strikes or pursue submissions.

Ground and Pound: Once on top of his opponents, Chandler employs a relentless ground and pound-attack.

He utilizes precise strikes, such as elbows and punches, to wear down his opponents and force them into vulnerable positions.

Submission Grappling: While Chandler is primarily known for his striking and ground and pound, he also possesses submission skills.

He is proficient in applying various submission techniques, including chokes and joint locks when opportunities arise during grappling exchanges.

Michael Chandler With His Wife

Cardiovascular Conditioning: Chandler is known for his exceptional cardio and endurance.

He maintains a high pace throughout his fights, continuously pressing forward and applying pressure on his opponents.

His conditioning allows him to maintain his intensity and aggression throughout the duration of the bout.

Mental Toughness and Resilience: Chandler’s fighting style is complemented by his mental toughness and resilience.

He has shown the ability to absorb punishment and bounce back from adversity, often displaying a never-give-up attitude.

Michael Chandler With His Wife

michael chandler adoption

Michael Chandler is married to Brie Willett in 2014. The couple dated for a year before consistently exchanging emails for 2 years.

The couple has adopted two sons named Hap and Ace. Brie is an aesthetic medicine doctor in Nashville.

Who is Michael Chandler’s wife?

Brie Willett is a beautiful, intelligent, and charming woman who has been Michael Chandler’s rock throughout his career.

Born and raised in the United States, Brie holds a degree in sports management from the University of Central Missouri, which has undoubtedly helped in her ability to support Michael’s athletic pursuits.

who is michael chandler wife

Michael and Brie first met in 2009, while they were both studying at the University of Central Missouri. After a few years of dating, Michael proposed to Brie in 2014, and they tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony later that year.

Since then, the couple has been inseparable, and Brie has been Michael’s constant supporter in his journey as a mixed martial artist.

Brie has been instrumental in Michael’s success throughout his career, providing unwavering support in both his personal and professional life.

brie willett michael chandler wife

As Michael often travels across the country to compete, Brie is always by his side, cheering him on from the sidelines.

She has also been known to keep Michael grounded throughout his training, reminding him to stay focused on his goals and providing him with the motivation to keep going.

Apart from her role as Michael’s wife, Brie is also a fitness enthusiast and an avid supporter of healthy living.

She often shares her fitness regime on her social media, and her dedication to living a healthy lifestyle has undoubtedly influenced Michael’s own approach to fitness and training.

michael chandler wife instagram

Despite their busy schedules, Michael and Brie always find time to explore new places together and go on exotic vacations.

They have shared many beautiful moments together, and their love for each other is evident in their affectionate social media posts.

Do Michael Chandler and His Wife Brie Willett have any kids?

Many fans admire Chandler and his wife Brie Willett’s relationship and wonder if they have any kids together. The answer is no, they do not have children naturally as of yet.

However, they have an adopted son named Hap Whitaker who they welcomed into their family in 2017.

michael chandler instagram

The couple announced the good news through their Instagram handle and the MMA world was thrilled to see Chandler and his wife embracing their new role as parents.

Chandler and Willett’s decision to adopt showed just how empathetic and compassionate they are as human beings.

The adoption process is no easy feat and requires a lot of time, patience, and perseverance. The couple went through a thorough screening process to ensure that they were fit to become parents, and they passed with flying colors.

Hap Whitaker is the light of the Chandler family, and they couldn’t be happier to have him in their lives.

michael chandler family

The couple frequently shares pictures of their son on social media and often gushes about the joys of parenthood. Fans can find plenty of cheerful moments between Michael Chandler, Brie Willett, and Hap.

How Michael and His Wife Balances Marriage and Career

One of the secrets to Michael and Brie’s career and marriage balance is communication. They both understand that communication is key to making their relationship work.

In an interview, Michael said, “We make sure to communicate every day about what’s going on in our lives. We talk about everything, including our careers. This helps us to stay connected and support each other.”

pics of Michael Chandler With His Wife

Another thing that helped the couple balance their careers is their understanding and supportive attitude toward each other’s goals and aspirations.

Even though their careers are different, they make an effort to be involved in each other’s lives and understand their struggles and challenges.

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