Looking for rare pics of Gabriel Sey with his Wife and Children? Well, check out the pictures below of Gabriel Sey and Nyisha Jordan Sey!

Pics Of Gabriel Sey With His Wife And Children

Background of Gabriel Sey

Gabriel Sey was born on March 28, 1984, and is currently 38 years old. His childhood was a mixture of everything that pushed him out of his comfort zone.

Gabriel Sey With His Wife And Children

Gabrial Sey is racially a black Ghanian but has lived in London for the most part of his life. 

Some parts of his childhood were spent as an Army Cadet while later he played professional football.

Gabriel Sey also pursued motorsports engineering but later got himself into powerlifting/weightlifting and eventually became one of the well-known bodybuilders. 

Gabriel Sey With His Wife & Children

Sey started his YouTube channel in the early 2000s and has become quite popular. His YouTube channel has about 415k subscribers and more than 46 million views.

He has uploaded more than 600 videos related to tips and tricks on fitness, family vlogs, Dad DIYs, the transformation of fitness lives, etc.  Gabriel Sey also owns a clothing line called True Beast Athletics.

Gabriel Sey’s relationship status

Sey is married to Nyisha Jordan Sey who also makes YouTube vlogs with him.

Gabriel Sey With His Wife & Children

The low-key ceremony occurred in a private ceremony at the couple’s home. Since then, the two have been frequently photographed together, showing off their marital bliss. Previously, Gabriel and Nyisha were dating since at least 2008

Gabriel Sey With His Wife & Children

Do Gabriel and Nyisha Jordan have any kids?

Gabriel Sey With His Wife & Children

Gabriel and Nyisha are the parents of two gorgeous boys, Elijah and Ezrah. Elijah is the oldest while Ezrah is the youngest and both seem to be the apple of their parent’s eyes.

Gabriel Sey With His Wife & Children

It’s obvious that Gabriel and Nyisha adore their boys. On top of being affectionate parents, they are also very involved in their sons’ lives and are raising them with good values. This can be seen in the many adorable pictures of the family.

Elijah and Ezrah have grown to be bigger than life, or so it seems. Elijah, the eldest, exudes strength and charisma in his pictures, while Ezrah’s smile is truly infectious and radiates sheer joy.

Gabriel Sey With His Wife & Children

Watching Gabriel and Nyisha nurture their sons into adulthood is a beautiful experience.

What is Gabriel Sey’s net worth?

Gabriel Sey’s net worth is estimated to be in excess of $1-5 million. Whether this figure is accurate or not is uncertain, but what is certainly known is that the successful entrepreneur and businessman definitely has a life of luxury.

He’s achieved this by leveraging a number of successes and investments in multiple industries over the years.

Gabriel Sey With His Wife & Children

The source of Sey’s wealth is from his various business ventures. Sey is the founder of various blogs and websites, such as Kihautech, Seytech, and African Business Network.

He also owns a financial consulting firm, and is one of the board of directors of the Nigeria Technology Development Company (NTDC).

Gabriel Sey With His Wife & Children

Sey has made investments in the entertainment and hospitality industry, owning a restaurant and winery in the city of Port Harcourt.

Sey is also known to take part in private business deals outside of his own investments. These deals are largely confidential, though what is known is Sey seems to have consistently made wise investments that have paid off.

Gabriel Sey With His Wife & Children

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