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Mark Hyman With Her Wife

Dr. Mark Hyman and his Life

Dr. Mark Hyman was born on 22nd November 1959 and is currently 62 years old. He is an American physician known for unconventionally treating people with functional medicine. There are many who believe that his way of healing lacks science and evidence but his followers and admirers strongly follow in his footsteps. 

Dr. Hymen was born and raised in New York. He received his bachelor’s degree in Asian studies from Cornell University and further went to the University of Ottawa. Mark Hyman received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Ottawa and completed his training in Santa Rosa in family medicine. 

For quite a few years, he was in Canyon Ranch as a co-director in Massachusetts. Later, he opened UltraWellness in a shopping center after resigning from Canyon Ranch. At Institute for Functional Medicine, Dr. Hyman is a board president of clinical affairs. 

Dr. Mark Hyman co-othered The Daniel Plan with Daniel Amen and Pastor Rick Warren in December 2013. This book secured the position of number #1 in the New York Times Bestseller list. Dr. Hyman wrote a lot of books on food and nutrition and also appeared in a documentary film Fed Up in 2014. 

The biggest achievement of Dr. Hyman is that he’s been a personal medical advisor of Bill and Hillary Clinton since 2004. He believes in a low-carb diet with high fat that would help in shedding extra inches.  Hyman’s Eat Fat Get Thin and The Eat Fat, Get Thin Cookbook got published in 2016. 

Dr. Mark Hymen promoted vegan and pagan diets that promoted plant-based and gluten-free food. He was also a columnist for Huffington Post. Dr. Mark Hymen has also regularly contributed to Katie Courie Show until 2013 when it got canceled. 

Dr. Mark Hyman and His Daughter Rachel

Dr. Hymen married a woman and had a girl child named Rachel Hyman who is currently studying for her bachelor’s at Utah State University. She is also into healthcare and would like to pursue it as her career. Rachel and Dr. Hyman are often spotted spending time together during holidays. 

Dr. Mark Hyman With His Wife Mia Lux

Dr. Hyman is currently married to Mia Lux who is 34 years old and is an American citizen. Mia studied law at the University of Aukland. Her interests lie deeply in hosting international shows and stand-up comedies. 

Mia Lux started her own show called The Conscious-ish Show that first aired in 2019. Mia entertained her audience with comedy and conversations with special guests from areas of wellness. 

The Conscious-ish Show talked about various societal issues with an edge of love, sex, and life in it. Like Dr. Hyman, Mia is also into healthy living and went around so many places to teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 

Mia Lux was also an actor in the past and got recognition for her roles in Power Rangers, Star Trek Voyagers, The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson etc.

Let’s check out the pictures of Mark Hymen with Mia Lux below:


Mark Hyman With Her Wife Mia Lux


Mark Hyman With Her Wife Mia Lux


Mark Hyman With Her Wife Mia Lux


Mark Hyman With Her Wife Mia Lux


Mark Hyman With Her Wife Mia Lux


Mark Hyman With Her Wife Mia Lux


Mark Hyman With Her Wife Mia Lux


Mark Hyman With Her Wife Mia Lux


Mark Hyman With Her Wife Mia Lux

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