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Curtis Stone With His Wife

Who is Curtis Stone?

Curtis Stone also known as Curtis Travis Stone was born on 4th November 1975 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and is currently 46 years old. He is an extremely famous Australian celebrity chef, author, and TV personality. 

pics of Curtis Stone with his wife

Curtis gained interest in cooking at the age of 4 when he started cooking with his paternal grandmother. He studied economics in school but also took a cookery apprenticeship at a vocational school. 

Before Curtis Stone decided to become a chef, he went to study business for his bachelor’s. He worked at several restaurants in Australia but moved to London where his career peaked. Stone became a chef at Savoy Hotel at the age of 18. 

curtis stone's wife lindsay price pics

He also worked under Marco Pierre White in Mirabella and later became Quo Vadis’s Head chef. Curtis Stone got back to Australia to start Surfing the Menu, a cooking show on ABC channel. He started appearing in various cooking shows like Take Home Chef, Good Food Live, etc. 

Curtis has hosted My Kitchen Rules, a FOX reality cooking show, has appeared in Celebrity Family Feud and was a guest diner at Hell’s Kitchen’s 20th season. He is extremely well known for his cooking skills and mastery. 

Curtis stone's wife and children pics

Curtis Stone’s Rise to Fame and celebrity chef status

Curtis Stone is an Australian-born chef who rose to fame and achieved celebrity chef status through his culinary talent, media appearances, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Stone’s journey to fame can be traced back to his early days working in several renowned restaurants in Australia, including the Savoy Hotel in Melbourne and Mirabelle in Sydney.

Curtis Stone with his wife

His breakthrough into the international culinary scene came when he moved to London and began working at Marco Pierre White’s restaurant, Quo Vadis.

Stone’s exceptional skills and charisma caught the attention of television producers, leading to his appearance on several cooking shows, including “Surfing the Menu” and “MasterChef Australia.”

Stone’s charm and expertise resonated with viewers, and his popularity soared when he started making appearances on popular American cooking shows, such as “The Today Show” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

His warm personality and culinary expertise led to numerous guest appearances on various cooking programs and talk shows, solidifying his status as a celebrity chef.

In addition to his television appearances, Curtis Stone has authored multiple cookbooks, showcasing his culinary knowledge and providing readers with accessible and delicious recipes.

He has also launched successful restaurants, such as Maude in Beverly Hills, California, where he creates seasonal tasting menus inspired by different ingredients.

curtis stone's wife lindsay pics

Throughout his career, Curtis Stone has maintained a relatable and approachable image, making cooking accessible to home cooks and inspiring people to get into the kitchen.

His rise to fame can be attributed to his culinary talent, captivating personality, and entrepreneurial ventures that have made him a well-known figure in the culinary world and a beloved celebrity chef.

Curtis Stone’s popular TV appearances and cooking shows

Curtis Stone has made numerous popular TV appearances and has been a part of various cooking shows throughout his career. Some of his notable TV appearances and cooking shows include:

pics of curtis stone wife lindsay price
  • Surfing the Menu” (2003): Curtis Stone co-hosted this Australian cooking show, where he traveled across Australia and explored the country’s diverse culinary offerings.
  • “MasterChef Australia” (2009): Stone appeared as a guest judge on the popular cooking competition show, sharing his expertise and evaluating the contestants’ dishes.
  • “Take Home Chef” (2005-2008): This reality cooking show featured Curtis Stone surprising individuals in grocery stores and offering to help them prepare a gourmet meal in their own homes.
  • “The Biggest Loser” (2011-2012): Stone served as a celebrity chef and mentor on this weight-loss competition show, providing healthy cooking tips and nutritious recipes to the contestants.
  • “Top Chef Masters” (2012): Stone participated as a contestant on this competitive cooking show, where renowned chefs competed against each other for charity.
  • “Kitchen Inferno” (2014): Stone hosted this high-pressure cooking competition show, where contestants faced culinary challenges to win a cash prize.
  • “My Kitchen Rules” (2017-2018): Stone joined the judging panel on the Australian version of this cooking competition, providing critiques and feedback to aspiring home cooks.

Apart from these specific shows, Curtis Stone has also made numerous guest appearances on popular TV programs, such as “The Today Show,” “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The Chew,” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

pics of Curtis Stone's family

His TV appearances have played a significant role in his rise to fame and have helped establish him as a recognizable and respected figure in the culinary world.

Curtis Stone With His Wife

Curtis Stone is married to Lindsay Price. They’ve been dating since 2009 and met on a blind date. The couple have two sons named Hudson and Emerson and the entire family is settled in Los Angeles currently. 

pics of curtis stone and lindsay price

Curtis Stone’s successful cookbooks and restaurant ventures

Curtis Stone has had success in both cookbook authorship and restaurant ventures. Here are some of his notable cookbooks and restaurant ventures:


  • “Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone” (2009): In this cookbook, Stone shares his approach to cooking delicious meals in a relaxed and accessible manner, focusing on simple and flavorful recipes.
  • “Cooking with Curtis: Easy, Every Day, and Adventurous Recipes for the Home Cook” (2015): This cookbook features a collection of Stone’s favorite recipes, providing home cooks with a variety of dishes ranging from easy everyday meals to more adventurous creations.
  • “What’s for Dinner?: Delicious Recipes for a Busy Life” (2013): In this book, Stone offers quick and satisfying recipes that are perfect for busy lifestyles, helping home cooks prepare delicious meals in less time.
pics of Curtis Stone's wife

Restaurant Ventures:

  • Maude (Beverly Hills, California): Curtis Stone opened Maude in 2014, a fine-dining restaurant that offers a seasonal tasting menu based on a specific ingredient. The menu changes every month, showcasing Stone’s culinary creativity and highlighting the flavors of each chosen ingredient.
  • Gwen (Hollywood, California): In 2016, Stone and his brother Luke opened Gwen, a butcher shop and restaurant. Gwen features a variety of meat-focused dishes, with a strong emphasis on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.
Curtis Stone and lindsay price pics

These ventures have allowed Stone to showcase his culinary skills and creativity both on the page and in the dining experience.

His cookbooks provide home cooks with accessible and delicious recipes, while his restaurants demonstrate his expertise in crafting memorable dining experiences.

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