The Pet Peeve Police understand me on a personal level. As a gal with many pet peeves, even the name was something that drew me in. However, The Pet Peeve Police are a little different than just aiming to support pet peeves; they are seeking to change the way we think.

From The Pet Peeve gals themselves: “We realized people are so caught up in their own world, that they neglect to see how their actions affect other people. We aim to change that.”

The Pet Peeve Police Is Taking ‘Em Down!

So, this excellent web series boils down to this: two powerhouse gals are fed up with inconsiderate people of the world, so they take matters into their own hands and then along the way become vigilantes in the process. This makes for a comedic adventure with the pet peeves main characters.

Pet Peeve Police

The Pet Peeve Police Poster Shoot

Don’t you just hate it when people don’t consider their actions? We do too! The idea for The Pet Peeve Police came one day to Sarah when she was fed up with having to deal with numerous inconsiderate people.

She then called Melissa and said I think I have a great idea for a series and we should do it together. Melissa was all “Hell yeah! Let’s call these douches out!”

Each episode features a hilarious pet peeve, along with a pop culture reference. And, who doesn’t love references to pop culture? I know I do! Pop culture film & TV is the life is a millennial.

More About The Gals Of The Pet Peeve Police

The creators of the show love interacting with their social media followers. They love to get different references to use in the series. They have shot the first episode and plan on shooting seven more too for season one… but, they need your help! With your help, The Pet Peeve Police can become a reality!

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So far they have raised,  $10,244 of $18,000 on their Seed & Spark campaign and they are close to making the goal. With everyone’s help, they can achieve that and give you the awesomeness that they like to call, The Pet Peeve Police.

Where To Find Them 🙂

Twitter: @petpeevepolice
Instagram: @petpeevepolice
Facebook: @petpeevepolice