Bendis Brings Jinxworld Back With Style With Pearl #1

Jinxworld is back and now it has a new home at DC Comics. For well over a decade, Brian Michael Bendis has been exclusive to Marvel. He did great work there, especially his phenomenal Daredevil run. But his best work, the comics that show just why he is as revered as he is, has always been his creator-owned books. He made the daring move to launch the new Jinxworld with a brand new character in Pearl #1. So let’s see if the crime comics master himself still has that special touch that made him so unique.

Bendis Doing What He Is Best At

If Bendis is good at anything, it is setting up interesting characters. In Pearl #1 we get introduced to a wide supporting cast and come to know Pearl herself, very well. Each character is introduced to us in a unique manner which helps establish their personalities and potential conflict with Pearl perfectly. The way our titular protagonist makes her debut makes the tone of the comic feel a bit like a romance.

Pearl #1
Pearl #1; DC Comics 2018


Pearl is the mysterious attractive woman with something unique about her, which is her special spider tattoo. A young man, Rick, becomes smitten with her and approaches her in a very awkward way. This feels like the typical “meet cute” in a romantic comedy which juxtaposes the dark, gritty crime drama tone the rest of the issue has. Then as with all first meeting between young lovers, a gang of bikers with guns attack.

That certainly grabs the reader’s attention, if they weren’t already enthralled. From there, we meet the other members of the cast. From Pearl’s father, who desperately wants his daughter to carry a gun out of fear for her life, to the terrifying Mr. Miike, Pearl’s abusive boss. Each character is used to reveal something about Pearl, making the audience feel for her as she is forced to be a Yakuza hitman rather than the talented tattoo artist that she is.

Atmospheric Art Brings Life To The Page

Pearl #1
Pearl #1; DC Comics 2018

Michael Gaydos is a long-time collaborator with Bendis. Perhaps their most famous work together is the amazing comic Alias, which introduced the world to the foul-mouthed private detective known as Jessica Jones. Gaydos has always had a bit of a rougher edge to his art. The heavy black inks and the faces that always have something off about them give his art a unique flair. Which is why his art fits so well with Bendis’ writing style.

Michael Gaydos has changed it up slightly this time around. He is a bit looser, but it is not to the detriment of Pearl #1, as matter of fact it actually aids it. Each scene and character introduction has its own style and flavor in the art, which helps ease the audience into the world. He aids this by giving each scene its own color pallet with a particular dominating color.

Pearl #1 Is The Kind Of Comic I Started Reading Comics For

Pearl #1 is a heavily character-driven crime drama. Which I can’t think of a better kind of story for the creative duo of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. From its gorgeously rough art to the intriguing character dynamics, Pearl #1 is a great buy.

And as a bit of an extra bang for your buck, Bendis included his very first DC work as extra pages. No, it isn’t Action Comics #1000, it is actually an Elseworlds Batman story. It takes the premise of Citizen Kane and adds DC character to it. Seriously, this is a great comic, go out to your local comic shop and get it now!

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