Love the Internet? Love web series? Then you will definitely enjoy ‘Paz Vs Stuff‘, an innovative transmedia horror series about vlogging, cyberstalking, and the mysteries of the Internet.

“Paz is a film critic, amateur journalist and vlogger who has written reviews and features for TenEighty Magazine and as well as posting regular updates on her own blog. She currently has 75k page views on her blog, 18k active twitter followers, and 34k views and 2k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She also doesn’t exist.”

That’s right. Paz is a fictional character created by writer and director Chris Regan. Regan and his team have been performing as Paz online since 2014 “to create a real world back-story with genuine interactions that can be tracked via her Twitter, Blogger and YouTube feeds”. In fact, Paz Vs Stuff is as interactive as it can get: the story is also told “in real time providing audiences with a unique opportunity to interact with its main character as the narrative unfolds“.

In the story, Paz (Cheryl Burniston) is a Youtube vlogger whose content is derailed when her biggest fan becomes her biggest troll. As the cyberstalking intensifies, Paz begins to suspect that there is more to her antagonist than a few mean remarks on Twitter and she soon unravels a mystery that leads her into the dark heart of the internet.

After 15 months, the web series is now complete and all vlogs are already available to watch on the series’ Youtube channel. Not convinced yet? Check out the creepy trailer for Paz Vs Stuff down below: