Pandora’s Legacy is an original work from the writer Kara Leopard ([Super]natural Attraction) and the artists Kelly and Nichole Matthews (Jim Henson’s Power of The Dark Crystal) under KaBOOM! It gives you Greek mythology with a new spin. After a successful Kickstarter Campaign with Kara Leopard for a field guide on the mythical beasts that would appear in Pandora’s Legacy, these beasts have an entire graphic novel now!

During their adventure in the woods, Charlie, Janet, and Trevor Panagakos break a mysterious jar.  While this normally would not be a problem, this jar unleashes a number of creatures into our world. And these are not the nicest monsters after being trapped for so long.

Pandora's Legacy
KaBOOM! Studios, 2018

Afterward, the kids find out that they’re guardians for these beasts because they’re descended from Pandora. As a result of their ancestry, they have to capture these beings using a magical cell phone. They have a time limit since these beasts will wreak havoc if they don’t go back into their cage. (Which is a mysterious jar.) Adding a personal complication, they also need to save their captured family before the worst happens.

Pandora’s Legacy Has Writing As Quick As The Greek Winds

The writing in Pandora’s Legacy is one of its greatest strengths but also one of its biggest weaknesses. If you like your action, the work doesn’t stop for a breather. Charlie, Janet, and Trevor are quick learners and drop into their roles with ease. On top of dealing with their captured family members, they manage to hastily contain a plethora of interesting creatures. The fast-paced writing style lends itself to quickly catching a reader’s attention.

Pandora's Legacy
KaBOOM! Studios, 2018

On the other hand, there are times where the threat/s didn’t feel as large because we weren’t able to become connected to the struggle. There wasn’t a substantial build-up to the new challenges because the monsters tended to go down relatively quickly. While I thought the myths were done in modern interesting ways, I would have liked more time to be spent on a few creatures, rather than have a menagerie that wasn’t as developed.

Pandora's Legacy
KaBOOM! Studios, 2018

The main characters also suffered from the same problem — I didn’t have enough time to become attached to them. It did, however, make me want to buy the field guide. So you do win some and lose some. The lore of Pandora’s Legacy is enough to make a fantasy geek perk up with joy in spite of its faults. Even if everything goes too fast for my taste, I can’t fault the world-building. There was a lot of thought placed into this graphic novel, even if the execution doesn’t always show off the planning to its full extent. 

The Character Designs Would Make You Risk Breaking The Vase

The art in this book is beautiful and fits the world very well. I liked the chaotic nature of everything we saw. It takes a while to get used to all the details, but it’s worth the wait. The art makes the reader imagine the landscape as much more expansive than the small piece we saw. I count the designs as a major draw of the work because they’re so memorable.

KaBOOM! Studios, 2018

The character designs felt unique and they have a way of sticking to your memory. While you may forget some of the roles the characters play in the work, you won’t forget how they look. I liked their take on Stheno and Prometheus the most — their forms were unexpected. Pandora’s Legacy is about defying convention while keeping a fun adventure story. You won’t want to stop turning the page to look at the art.

Why Should You Read Pandora’s Legacy?

You’d appreciate Pandora’s Legacy if you are or were a fan of the Percy Jackson series. The art is further a high point that draws you into the graphic novel and brings out fascinating new character designs for Greek mythos. I’d say come for the story if you like high-action and interesting scenarios involving plenty of beasts. There’s a lot to love in the way that these creatures interact with the modern world. 

Pandora's Legacy by Kara Leopard, Kelly Matthews, and Nicole Matthews
Maybe a little too fast-paced but the art and lore of Pandora's Legacy might be to your taste.