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4 Min Read

Pitch Perfect 2 Aca Alright

Having loved Pitch Perfect, I was quietly apprehensive about its sequel, fearing the notorious sophomore slump. It turned out my concerns weren’t entirely unfounded. With compelling characters and a promising premise, Pitch…

5 Min Read

Rezero is Not What You Think it is

There are many promotional aspects that work against this season’s Re:Zero: it’s got a pretty generic fantasy synopsis, its key visuals look like the ultimate harem series and it has various long and confusing titles (-Starting…

1 Min Read

The Cate Morland Chronicles

The Cate Morland Chronicles is a 2016 modern web series adaptation of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey. Produced by Apple Juice Productions (Lily Evans and the Eleventh Hour), the series is told in a vlog style and…