Fall Anime Season 2017: Preview and Recommendations

Summer is over, and it’s time to go back to the routine, but fear not: there’s some brand new anime to accompany you during these months! The Fall Anime Season is packed with long-awaited sequels, as well as a few new thought-provoking series. As usual, we are taking a look at the most interesting series […]

Summer Anime Season – Halfway Impressions and Recommendations

Summer is coming to and end, which means that we are already halfway through the summer anime season. This season has not given us as many unique series as the previous one, but there’s still a few worth-watching series. We bring you our 5 recommendations for this season – you’re still in time to catch […]

Summer Anime Season 2016 – Preview, Recommendations, Poll

Summer is almost here! Neregate just released their Summer Anime Season 2016 chart and so we have done some research to sort out the most promising and awaited anime series for the next three months. Make sure to let us know which are your favorite in the poll below! 91 days Release Date: July 8th […]


SHO-FILES are files that give short introductions to television shows, movies, or the like; what makes them (the series, the film) exceptional, and the reason/s why you should check them out. The shows are ordered alphabetically. Akame Ga KillAmerican Horror StoryAo Haru RideArcherAttack on TitanBakumanBarakamonBeyond the BoundaryBlack LagoonBlack MirrorBlue ExorcistBojack HorsemanBuffy the Vampire SlayerCardcaptor SakuraCommunityDanganronpaDaredevilDariaDark MatterDeadman […]

POLL: Anime Summer 2015: What Do You Want to See on TDF?

Summer is finally here which means that the new season of Anime Summer 2015 is upon us! Even though some otakus have commented that this season is going to be a bit weak, there are still some pretty hyped animes and there’s always gonna be that one series that no one counts on but ends up being one […]