Outcast ‘(I Remember) When She Loved Me’ Review


After the Pilot dealed with the horrors of demonic possession, ‘(I Remember) When She Loved Me’ focuses on the psychological damage of these horrifying events by studying Kyle’s traumatic upbringing.


Even though we had already seen Kyle’s mother Sarah (Julia Crockett) in the Pilot, ‘(I Remember) When She Loved Me’ puts her “character” in the spotlight to study the impact that her possession had on young Kyle. We find out that Sarah is still alive, but she’s in a vegetative state and, while it might be nearly impossible to bring her back, the fact that she is still alive gives us some hope that she could be saved at some point. As the title suggests, this episode was actually all about getting to know the true Sarah, the one before she got possessed and the one who tried to fight against the demon to protect her son. This realization is crucial for Kyle as he will now have to understand that what happened during his childhood was not his fault, that there was a reason for his mother’s behavior. This realization is also probably the thing that will give him the purpose to fight these demons with  the help of Reverend Anderson. The flashbacks got a bit repetitive at one point and maybe it would have been a better choice to find out more about Kyle’s childhood from his words. However, it’s hard to complain too much about it given how well-made those scenes were. Outcast does an excellent job at balancing the scary and disturbing images that any demonic possession should evoke with the dramatic impact of domestic abuse.

Overall, this was a heartbreaking episode. Even if Kyle is learning to see things from a different perspective, changing his clothes and even attempting to involve himself in Megan’s life, it still seems like it’ll be a long way until he can gain other people’s trust. There will be difficulties too: we got introduced to the religious life in the town and, with it, the priest Sidney (Brent Spiner), who appears to be the main antagonist of the season.

Outcast continues delivering the story at a slow, but steady pace, capturing the depressing, lonely atmosphere that resembles other summer showers like Wayward Pines. ‘(I Remember) When She Loved Me’ was no a very eventful episode, but it offered a lot of characterization and character development for our main character while presenting new future threats.


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