Fanfic Friday: OUAT — The Best Fanfics Chosen By The Fandom Part 2

The Once Upon A Time fandom loved our previous Fanfic Friday post so much that they requested a part two. So, here it is, with a few new fics and ships.

I have once again included what is usually known as the two largest OUAT ship fanbases, Captain Swan and Swan Queen. But, we have some fic recommendations for fans who ship Golden Queen, Evil Charming, and Hooked Queen also.

So, grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy finding some amazing fics that just about fit the bill for your needs.

Captain Swan – Hook/Emma:

1. Knock Knock by charmedtomeetyou

Emma Swan has made the best of her crappy apartment ever since she became best friends with her neighbour, Ruby. But when Ruby moves out, and a loud Brit takes her place, the thin walls and lack of space are suddenly not so endearing. After a particularly stressful day, Emma decides to confront the nightmare next door, and entirely against her better judgment, she might just be making a friend.

2. Stardust in Your Skin by midwestwind

Emma Swan may believe in magic and curses and fairy tales, but she absolutely does not believe in soulmates.

3. Do You Love Me by hooknleather

Why would she visit that damned, irritating pirate? Emma Swan doesn’t know, but something about Hook makes her want to let go and do things she hasn’t in a long while; what happens when she decides to give into temptation..?

4. You Play Ball Like A Girl by WelpThisIsHappening

Emma Swan had a plan. Get the story. Get the byline. Up her Twitter follower count. It was simple – she was going to take over the New York City journalism world. And she was going to do it from the sideline with a credential around her neck and a pen stuffed in her hair and a fierce determination no one was going to be able to put a dent in.

It was the perfect plan.

That plan just failed to factor in Killian Jones.

5. not a romcom movie by emmaofmisthaven

“I’m not interested in being made the butt monkey of the school or being some social experiment where you’re trying to have me elected prom king or what have you until we realize we’ve been falling in love all along and have our first kiss on an Adele song. Not interested. Savvy?”
“I – I’m not planning to fall in love with you.”
“Good. Neither am I.”

Swan Queen – Regina/Emma:

1. Temporary Distractions by amycarey

“Oh, I don’t know,” Regina says. “It makes a certain amount of sense on paper. Henry’s two mothers, all that fighting, making magic together, tentative trust built. Destroyed of course, but Robin needn’t know that. Plus, I knew it would really irritate him.”
Emma wants to ask why but also doesn’t want to push her luck. “And you expect me to go along with this?”
“I don’t know how else to put this, Ms. Swan,” Regina says, leaning forward. “You owe me, and I’m calling to collect.”

It’s been a month, and Regina won’t speak to her until she does, and Emma is left pretending to be in a relationship with her so that Regina can get through a dinner invitation with her pride intact.

2. Right There All the Time by devje

His mothers are obviously in love and totally married in everything but name, so why is Henry the only one in their house who knows this? His moms don’t even seem to have noticed that Mom kisses Emma on the cheek every morning when she leaves for work.

Every. Single. Morning.

3. Prism by coalitiongirl

Soulmate AU where you see the world in black-and-white until you meet your soulmate. Regina Mills meets two people at once at the moment she first sees in color, makes the wrong choice, and falls in love with the right one anyway.

4. Teaching Miss Mills by HelveticaBrown

Teacher AU: Emma is a gym teacher, who moves to Storybrooke Academy after becoming disenchanted with her job back in Boston. Regina Mills is the Head of English who Emma somehow seems to keep having run-ins with, despite the best of intentions. Along the way, Emma adjusts to life in a small town, gets her teaching mojo back, and gradually grows closer to Regina.

No curse, no magic. Just regular human relationshippy drama.

5. Calendar by SkinnyProcrastinator

While Emma takes part in a charity calendar to raise funds for the library, Regina is struggling to control her magic and is dealing with it by staying away from people. Will a persistent Saviour be able to get through to a stubborn ex-Mayor?

Golden Queen – Regina/Rumple

1. Devour by LainStardust

An interlude between the Dark One and the Evil Queen testing the student’s skills.

2. Shatter  by virtueofvice

Mr. Gold and Regina play things very close to the vest indeed as spiraling intrigue, and dark deviance engulf those they love and hate the most.

3. Take Me Back by GoldenQueenx

Set after Henry leaves in the Season 7 preview. Regina feels that familiar hole in her heart and decides to take comfort inside of a familiar place; her vault. There she finds a chest containing things she had forgotten that she had kept long ago. Someone else wanted her to find it.

4. Halloween Town by HeddaGab

Mr. Gold decides to attend the Halloween gathering of the town for the first time in 28 years

5. Count To Three by GoldenQueenx

Zombie AU. John Weaver runs a house for the uninfected survivors. Each person must help contribute to their safe house as they try and survive nightfall and the virus that seems to be spreading like wildfire.

Evil Charming – David/Regina

1. Once Upon a Different Time by BadWolfRose (BadWolf1988)

This story answers one simple question. What if David had met Regina first?

2. Date Nights by Dena1c

When Snow dies, David has a tough time adjusting, but with Regina’s help, he finds a way. Emma and Zelena relationship on the side.

3. An unlikely love story (series) by EvilCharmingFic (Regina4Ever)

David did not leave after Regina made him lasagna. Now they have to deal with the consequences of that night.

4. A Stranger No More by BadWolfRose (BadWolf1988)

In the season one episode, ‘The Stranger,’ David doesn’t reject Regina, he stays. The consequence of their night together is that David regains his memories. Why doesn’t he tell anyone? Why does he keep returning to the Evil Queen’s bed?

5. A Starry Eyed Encounter by BekksRich, michebellaxo

Regina and David have a chance meeting when they’re young in the Enchanted Forest, as her impending marriage to Leopold is coming.

Hooked Queen – Hook/Regina

1. In Her Majesty’s Service by littlegreenfish

Killian Jones has always fancied himself as a man who enjoys powerful women, but before Regina Mills, he never realized exactly what that meant. After being reprimanded by Regina leaves him surprisingly aroused, the two eventually decide to enter a mutually beneficial arrangement. Life as the queen’s submissive is new for Killian, but Regina is more than happy to ease him into their new dynamic.

2. when the lights fade out, all the sinners crawl by writtenndust

Setting out on the Jolly Roger in search of Henry, they’re faced with the brand new dangers that lurk in Neverland. From the writhing alleyways of Tortuga to the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the team must work together to save Henry from the shadow and the mysterious Peter Pan. Along the way Regina finds a way to open up and let someone in, taking comfort in the one person who doesn’t judge her for the cruelties of her past.

3. Something Different by gotatheory

During the Missing Year, Hook doesn’t leave right away and instead stays at the castle with the Charmings and Regina. He and Regina discover they have a little more in common than they thought, and find a way together to cope with their feelings.

4. fractured moonlight on the sea by writtenndust

“It’ll be anything but conventional,” He smirked, raising his hand to grip her chin tenderly. “But we’ll make it work, darling.”

5. fear that you can’t shift the tide by emmyeccentric

During the welcoming celebration at Granny’s, Regina gets some fresh air at the docks.

Did you read any of the fanfictions recommended here? If so, let us know on twitter @dailyfandomtv or comment below!

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