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Presenting OTP Tuesday! Each Tuesday I will introduce you to a new One True Pairing! Tune in each week to find out which fictional couple you need to agonize/squee over next. Up this week: WonderTrev.

eveWho Are WonderTrev?

WonderTrev refers to the pairing of Diana Prince and Steve Trevor from the DCEU Wonder Woman movie. It comes from Diana’s title — Wonder Woman — and Steve’s last name, I guess. Look, I don’t make the names, I just report what I find.

Note that I am solely talking about the relationship and characters we met in Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. I am not familiar with comics canon, and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve seen neither Batman vs. Superman or Justice League.

Diana Prince

Also known as Diana of Themyscira, Diana Prince is best known as Wonder Woman. A pillar of the DC universe, Diana is probably the most famous female superhero ever. Hell, she might even be one of the most famous female characters ever, regardless of genre.

In Wonder Woman, we first meet Diana as a young girl. Diana lives on Themyscira, the island of the Amazons. The Amazons were crafted by the gods out of clay to be perfect warriors. Diana is the daughter of Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons, and her most precious gift. As she grows up, Diana chafes against her mother’s protectiveness and dreams of being a warrior.


Antiope, the Amazonian general, trains Diana in secret. Antiope knows that Diana is destined to save the world someday. Her chance comes when Steve Trevor, a spy fighting for Allied forces in World War I, crashes on Themyscira. He is followed there by Germans, and a fight ensues. Antiope dies, leading Diana to seek out a way to live up to her example.

Diana leaves Themyscira with Steve. She believes that the war is being incited by Ares, the god of war. She thinks that she can stop him and save the world. On the way, she learns about humanity and their high and low points. She sees a world worth saving.

In the end, Diana learns that it was her destiny to stop Ares. She was not an Amazon, but a demigod, child of Zeus. She fulfills her destiny, but it does not magically make the world a better place. Still, she learned that the world is worth protecting, and dedicates herself to watching over humanity and guiding them.

Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor is the inciting factor for Diana leaving Themyscira and saving the world. He is also the first man she has ever seen. Steve had been undercover, stealing secrets from German scientists. In his attempt to escape, he crashes his plane, and Diana saves him from nearly drowning.

The Amazons do not trust this man who says he is one of the good guys. Diana sees potential, though, and argues in favor of letting him go. Although Steve is interested in Themyscira and this island of beautiful, powerful, impressive warriors, he knows he has a duty to get his information back to his superiors.


Diana and Steve leave and head off to England, where Steve has to report in. Steve is glad to have her help but also sees Diana as a responsibility. She knows nothing of humanity, and he sets out to teach her how to blend in. Along the way, though, she teaches him to see the beauty of humanity, even in war.

Steve undergoes a secret, unapproved mission to stop a German scientist from killing thousands. He takes Diana and a team of misfits behind enemy lines. Steve’s team is a ragtag bunch with their own issues, but they are good people who work hard to save the day.

In the end, however, the only way to save the day is to destroy the scientists’ weapons. That requires a sacrifice, and Steve is the one to step up. Taking a page out of Steve Rogers’ book, Steve flies a plane up high enough to limit the damage, and then blows it up, with himself still on it.

Why is WonderTrev OTP?

IT. IS. HAPPENING! Wonder Woman was a knockout success, so we knew that a sequel was coming. But, until very recently, we didn’t know what shape that sequel would take. Well, my friends, we now have some updates about the sequel — Wonder Woman 1984 — and the news is good.

Despite ostensibly dying in Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor is coming back for the sequel. And, judging by set pictures, it is not in flashback form. We may be seeing Steve actually come back, somehow. I’m not going to question it when we have been blessed like this. Obviously, the excitement got to me and I have to gush about the glory of WonderTrev.

Superior Specimens

Let’s get this out of the way: Steve and Diana are both flawless. I mean, let’s be real, Chris Pine and Gal Gadot are so beautiful that it’s slightly painful and massively unfair. They’re nice to look at, make no mistake. But Steve and Diana are definitely superior specimens of character.

There’s a joke early on in their interaction where Diana is looking at a nude Steve. She asks him if he is a typical example of his sex — after all, she has never seen a man before. Steve responds that he is “above average.”


What comes across as a silly dick joke, though, actually represents more in the story. Steve is above average — in character. He is brave and willing to do whatever necessary. He does work for his government that requires him to go above and beyond. And, despite being a spy, he is good. Steve cares and wants the world to be a better, safer place.

But if Steve is an above average man, well, Diana actually is a goddess. I mean, that’s literal. She’s a demigod. She is the daughter of Zeus and is an equal rival to Ares, the god of war. But it’s also metaphorical. Diana is so far removed from a typical human that she is monumentally superior. Like Steve, though, what makes Diana most superior is her good heart.

Diana starts off the film as almost painfully naive. She believes in the good of humanity. Yet, when humanity proves her wrong, she still believes in the best. Her optimism is no longer naivete, but hope and good faith. These two work together well because they can stand as equals. Sure, Diana is a goddess and Steve is just a man, but they are both superior specimens of who they are.


That equality between Steve and Diana shows throughout all their interactions. Obviously, Steve and Diana are very different people. They aren’t even technically the same species. Therefore, it’s natural that each would have set strengths and weaknesses. What makes WonderTrev work is how well those strengths and weaknesses balance out.


Steve’s strength is his experience. When it comes time to navigate the human world, Diana is totally lost. She doesn’t even know what a watch is, but she has to find a way to get through to accomplish her mission. Steve is able to help her get through, giving her the information and support she needs.

Diana’s strength is, literally, her strength and fighting prowess. When the team is stuck in the trenches, Diana storms no man’s land and successfully distracts the enemies. She is a powerful fighter and able to accomplish things Steve never could with his human body.

But they are able to draw on and play off of each other’s strengths. Diana bows to Steve’s knowledge of the human world. She doesn’t always agree with his decisions, but she respects that he knows what he is doing, and trusts him not to steer her wrong.


For his part, Steve knows that Diana is powerful and a trained fighter. He trusts in her experience and skills. When Diana goes into no man’s land, Steve figures out her plan and falls in line. He later uses fighting techniques he saw the Amazons use because he knew that Diana had their training.

WonderTrev is a beautiful example of how two characters’ strengths can build off each other. They are true helpmeets, lending a helping hand where needed but respecting when the other has the superior skill or knowledge.

What’s Next for WonderTrev?

That’s the beauty! We don’t know! It’s exciting. At the end of Wonder Woman, it seemed like there wasn’t going to be any next. Steve Trevor was dead — or at least that’s what we all assumed. WonderTrev was beautiful, but it seemed to be a one and done thing.

For a time, WonderTrev was very Steggy — hero out of time who lost their one love, but lived on to save the day. It lived on in fanfics, particularly fix-its that found a way to reunite Steve and Diana and give us some hope of a happy ending, no matter how implausible.

But now! Now it’s all up in the air! Who knows what we’re going to get in Wonder Woman 1984?? All we know is that Steve is back. Somehow, someway, he is back, alive somehow in 1984, and reunited with Diana. It’s like a real fix-it fic. For more than that, we’re just going to have to (somehow) survive until next November. I’m doubtful I’ll make it.

Is WonderTrev Canon?

That depends on how you define a relationship! Wonder Woman did a phenomenal job of crafting a beautiful relationship with minor overt romantic tropes. By the end of the film, Steve confessed his love for Diana. They kiss like once. They may have slept together, but it’s very ambiguous and open to interpretation. It’s subtle, but there’s a romance there.

That subtlety works really well, though. A slow burn is always more rewarding for the eventual payoff. It also helps that because things moved so slowly, the relationship between Diana and Steve feels more organic. Sure, they fall in love in like two hours of movie time. But the pacing feels right.

So while we may not have a big, conclusive romantic payoff, it feels like a natural progression between two characters, rather than something shoehorned into to fit some checkbox (lookin’ at you, Marvel). And who knows? Hopefully, we’ll see that big romantic payoff in the sequel, now that we know Steve is back. Maybe WonderTrev will have a happy ending after all.

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