Presenting OTP Tuesday! Every Tuesday I will introduce you to a new One True Pairing! Tune in each week to find out which fictional couple you need to agonize/squee over next. In honor of The Last Jedi coming out this month, all December OTPs will be from my original fandom: Star Wars. First up: StormPilot.

Who Are StormPilot?

StormPilot is one of the newest Star Wars ships. The pairing refers to the stormtrooper Finn and the Resistance pilot Poe Dameron, first featured in The Force Awakens.


Not that subtle.


If you live under a rock and are not familiar with the newest Star Wars story, Finn is one of the protagonists. Finn was raised as a stormtrooper in the First Order. On an early raid, he has a crisis of conscience and refuses to participate in the wholesale slaughter of a village. Unfortunately for Finn, this means bad things for his future; he will likely be reconditioned at best and killed at worst.

Finn decides to escape and does so with the help of First Order captive Poe. The two steal a TIE-fighter and escape the Star Destroyer Finalizer, but Poe insists on returning to the planet where he was captured to rescue his droid. Unfortunately, they crash, and Poe is assumed deceased.


Mr. Steal Yo TIE-Fighter

Finn, however, continues on. He finds Poe’s droid, BB-8, and meets Rey, a scavenger. They escape the planet and embark on a series of unlikely adventures, including meeting Han Solo and Chewbacca, on their way to the Resistance. Unfortunately, Rey is captured before they reach the Resistance, and Finn is determined to save her.

He sets off to rescue her with the help of Solo. Rey has been taken to the First Order’s newest superweapon, and the Resistance seeks to destroy the weapon before it destroys them. Finn says he can help but is mostly concerned with saving his friend. In the end, however, they do succeed in saving Rey and stopping the new weapon. Unfortunately, Finn is injured in the process. At the end of The Force Awakens, Finn is in a healing coma.

Poe Dameron

But what about Poe? Although it is possible to have a ship where one party is dead, this is not the case here. When Finn and Poe crash land on Jakku, Poe was ejected from the TIE-fighter. When he awoke, he saw no ship and no Finn and feared the worst. Having no other options, he sets out to return to the Resistance.


I use this picture every chance I get.

Poe was initially on an intelligence-seeking mission. He was looking for a map to lead to Luke Skywalker, which he deposited with BB-8. The First Order found him and tortured him to find the information, but Poe’s spirit was unbroken. When Finn first meets him, he still has a definite spark to him. This spark continues throughout Poe’s appearances in The Force Awakens.

We next see Poe on Takodana, where Finn and co are currently being rounded up by the First Order. Poe masterfully destroys the troops and saves Finn. They reunite on D’Qar, at the Resistance base. Both are ecstatic to see the other is alive, and Poe thanks Finn for completing his mission. Poe eventually leads the air troops assaulting the superweapon and ultimately casts the killing blow.

Why is StormPilot OTP?


They are too. cute.

StormPilot is a pure and delightful pairing. The characters are both endearing on their own, but together, they are great to watch. From the very start, there’s a definite connection between the two.

“I’m gonna call you Finn!”

When they first meet, Finn didn’t even have a name. He had only been a number up to this point, a stormtrooper without unique identity. But Poe breaks this down fast. This person who saves him isn’t just a number. FN-2187 has broken from the First Order regime, has dared to make his own choices despite the danger.


Tumblr gets it.

Poe names him Finn, based on the “FN” part of his identification number. This is a definite turning point for Finn — or rather, I suppose, a starting point. Finn has found someone who values him not for what he represents — the First Order — but for who he is and can become. When Finn wakes up on Jakku and assumes Poe is dead, it’s pretty tragic, for all that they’ve known each other less than an hour.

“That’s one hell of a pilot!”

Conversely, when they reunite, everything feels right in the world again. Even before Finn realizes it’s Poe, he praises the pilot who saves his life. His enthusiasm is endearing because we know it’s Poe, which only fuels the flames for this ship. When they meet up on D’Qar, the connection between them is practically visible. They embrace very enthusiastically for two people who, again, barely know each other.


Hetero AF.

But their connection is based on more than time known. It’s based on two people who needed each other, who inspire each other, and who saved each other. When Poe realizes Finn completed his mission, it’s confirmation that Finn is a great, trustworthy person. Finn likewise trusts Poe. At this point, Finn is in crisis because Rey has been captured. He knows he needs to save her but isn’t sure how. He turns to Poe, who he knows he can count on for help.

Later, the two are equally important to defeating the First Order’s weapon. Though they acted independently, they are only successful because of the other’s actions. Poe is only able to destroy the weapon because Finn disabled the shields; Finn’s efforts are only rewarded because of Poe’s shot. Their balance is special and heartwarming.

What’s Next For StormPilot?

At the end of The Force Awakens, they are separated by terrible circumstances. Finn is in a coma after his heroic efforts to rescue Rey, and shippers are left up in the air. However, both characters return in The Last Jedi. Both Finn and Poe have featured prominently in trailers, and although we don’t know what will happen in the movie, we can anticipate what happens next.

Is StormPilot Canon?

StormPilot isn’t not canon. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet. However, nothing we have so far seen directly contradicts the ship. The chemistry between the characters is palpable, and Disney and Lucasfilm would be foolish to ignore that. Plus, fans are desperate to see StormPilot canon.


Even the actors ship it!

Unfortunately, same-sex relationships don’t have a great track record in pop culture, so we may very well see StormPilot crash and burn. We may see Finn paired off with Rey. The new character Rose Tico throws a wrench into things as well. For now, we can only cross our fingers and hope for the best. A few short weeks will tell!

StormPilot is only one of the reasons I can’t wait for The Last Jedi, but it is a pressing reason. I am eager to see how Lucasfilm handles this fan favorite pairing.