Presenting OTP Tuesday! Each Tuesday I will introduce you to a new One True Pairing! Tune in each week to find out which fictional couple you need to agonize/squee over next. I finally finished Agents of SHIELD, so sorry, not sorry I’m going to be gushing about it for awhile. This week we’re finally at my last AoS ship (until season 6, at least): FitzSimmons!

Who Are FitzSimmons?

FitzSimmons refers to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons from Agents of SHIELD. FitzSimmons is the perfect ship: it came with a built-in ship name. Fitz and Simmons are actually called FitzSimmons within the show. Who doesn’t love a ready-made ship name?

Science Babies

Now, normally this is the part of the article where I write up a small section about each part of the ship, giving each person their separate time to shine. Except, with FitzSimmons, it feels wrong to separate them. They are a unit, each an integral part of the other. Plus, they made a promise never to leave each others’ sides. Who am I to break that promise? (It’s not like I’m an AoS writer.)

Leopold Fitz met Jemma Simmons at the SHIELD Science Academy. Both were child geniuses and prodigies, well ahead of their peer groups. At only 16, each already had the requisite Ph.D. necessary for entry into the Academy. Fitz and Simmons were the youngest to ever attend the Academy, and everyone seemed interested to see what these young geniuses would accomplish.


Despite their similarities, however, Fitz and Simmons didn’t click instantly. Both wanted to befriend the other but lacked experience in friendship. Instead, they formed a rivalry, each determined to be top of the class. Luckily, things changed when they were paired up in a chemistry lab. Forced to work together, Fitz and Simmons discovered that, phenomenal as they were on their own, working together brought them to new heights. Thus, FitzSimmons was born.

For the rest of their time at the Academy, FitzSimmons were inseparable. They worked together beautifully, despite being in different fields: he is engineering, she is Biochem. Upon graduation (youngest ever, of course), they went to work for SHIELD SciOps together. They continued to be inseparable and constantly made waves in SHIELD for their magnificent advancements in science and technology.

Bus Kids

Looking for adventure, Simmons pushed for them to join Phil Coulson’s field team when they were recruited. Despite failing their field assessments, FitzSimmons joined Coulson’s team and set off on the Bus, Coulson’s flying operation center. Fieldwork brought FitzSimmons out of the safety of the lab and into a far more dangerous world. They stuck together, though, which helped them deal with some difficult situations.

When Simmons is infected with a Chitauri virus, things seem dire. Fitz won’t leave her side, however, working close by her side despite the risk of contamination. The two work tirelessly to cure Simmons, but it seems like there’s no option. Rather than risk the lives of her team, Simmons incapacitates Fitz and jumps out of the plane, leaving Fitz heartbroken watching his best friend and other half fall.


This is a turning point for the two. Fitz, faced with the possible death of Simmons — who becomes Jemma in his mind, realizes that his feelings for her are not platonic. Fitz hates change, though, and is afraid to rock the boat, so he says nothing. When SHIELD falls, Fitz wants to express his feelings for Jemma but continues to hesitate.

It’s only at the end that Fitz gets up the courage to tell Jemma how he feels. When Grant Ward betrays them and sends them to the bottom of the ocean in a medical pod, things look bleak. Working together, they are able to find a chance to escape, but it will only save one. Fitz sacrifices himself for Jemma, telling her that he loves her right before giving his last breath to her.


Fitz doesn’t die, luckily. Jemma carries his lifeless body from the bottom of the ocean. He suffers brain damage, however, and loses his speech. Jemma sticks by his side but realizes she is hurting his recovery. She leaves for his sake, though he doesn’t know it. Instead, Fitz thinks Jemma is rejecting him.

Jemma goes undercover at Hydra, while Fitz struggles to reintegrate at SHIELD. When they reunite, things are tense. Fitz, angry and embarrassed at his disability, thinks Jemma does not love him. Jemma, anxious for Fitz and traumatized by Hydra, is upset to see that Fitz has made other friends. However, when Real SHIELD happens, they stick together. In times of crisis, they always know they can count on the other.


When Coulson brings Fitz on a dangerous mission, Jemma realizes they never discussed Fitz’s confession and brings it up. He’s appalled that she would reject him explicitly before his mission, but she argues that she’s not rejecting him — the opposite, in fact. Fitz makes it home, and they plan for a date, finally taking that next step in their relationship.

Sadly, before they can go on their date, Jemma is sucked through a portal to a distant world. Fitz, heartbroken to lose her right before they could start something, becomes obsessed with finding her. Though Hydra has been trying to control the portal for centuries, Fitz figures it out in months. He is able to rescue Jemma.

Jemma is traumatized from her time on Maveth. Worse, she became romantically involved with the only other person on the planet, a man named Will (who dies before he can make it home). Her feelings for Fitz are strong, though, and they make it through the ordeal, together.

Settling Down

Finally, things seem better for FitzSimmons. They take steps forward, slowly but surely, establishing a strong relationship. Eventually, they begin planning to move in together. SHIELD, of course, always throws a wrench into their plans, but things are going well. Fitz is even thinking of proposing.

Then the Framework happens. Fitz is replaced by a Life Model Decoy, who tries to kidnap Jemma and assaults her. She is forced to stab him to be free. Sure, it’s only an android, but the android looks and thinks like her beloved Fitz. Jemma goes into the Framework to save Fitz, who was kidnapped by Dr. Radcliffe. She is not prepared for what she finds.


In the Framework, Leopold Fitz is second in command at Hydra and a vicious, ethically dubious scientist. He is also in love with Madame Hydra, the avatar of AIDA, the android who is keeping them in the Framework. Jemma tries to rescue Fitz, but he does not remember their history and tries to kill her. They escape, but things are rocky.

The team deals with AIDA, but all are reeling from their time in the Framework. Luckily, Fitz reveals that, despite retaining all his memories of his life with Madame Hydra, he will only ever love Jemma. This gives Jemma the strength to stay by Fitz’s side, and they face the future together.

What Future?

Except, the future is of course terrible. And literal. Jemma is taken to the future with the rest of the team, leaving only Fitz behind. He is captured by Hydra. Obsessed with finding Jemma, he contacts Lance Hunter to break him out of prison. They learn what happened to the team from Enoch.

Enoch helps Fitz cryofreeze himself to reach the future in one piece. When he arrives, things are bad. Jemma and Daisy Johnson are captives of Kasius, a brutal Kree running a station containing the last vestiges of humanity. Fitz manages to break them out and proposes to Jemma the first chance he gets. She cannot hear him but luckily proposes to him later.

The team reunites and escapes back to the past, bringing along an unwelcome straggler: Deke Shaw. Armed with the knowledge of humanity’s destruction, they work to change the future, though Fitz argues that it is impossible to break a time loop. Along the way, they take a moment for happiness: FitzSimmons get married in the base, surrounded by their team, who has become their family.

The brief happiness cannot last. Fitz later suffers a psychotic break when his Framework persona emerges and takes control, assaulting Daisy and losing the team’s trust. But not Jemma — she loves him, no matter what. As they draw nearer and nearer to the end of the world, things are tense.

In the end, despite promising to never leave each others’ side, they do. It is while they are separated that Fitz is killed in an accident. Jemma is faced with a terrible future — they broke the time loop, but she lost Fitz in the process. Then she remembers that Fitz is currently cryofrozen (timey-wimey) and goes to rescue him. Perhaps there is hope after all.

Why is FitzSimmons OTP?

Okay, so, that was a lot to get through. In five seasons, these two have been through hell and back (and again, and again, it feels like). And, sorry not sorry, that was definitely more detail than I usually include, but for good reason: I love FitzSimmons. I’m serious, they might actually be my OTP.

Given the dozens of OTPs I’ve written about (and my long list of yet to come), that’s saying something. There’s something incredibly compelling about these two. I actually started rewatching Agents of SHIELD because of the news about the FitzSimmons wedding, so you can blame these two for the recent rush of AoS posts.

Accurate, and I’m not sorry.


Agents of SHIELD has some of the best ships out there. They really understand their characters. Plus, the large ensemble cast and high(ish) episode count (110, so far, 22 a season), means there are plenty of opportunities for love. We’ve already seen some amazing ships from this show because I’m high key obsessed. But amid all that bounty, FitzSimmons stands apart. They are a perfect ship.


In fact, FitzSimmons is such a perfect ship that they needed to go through hell. Their relationship is so perfect, that the writers feel the need to constantly torment them to create drama. Apparently, they believe that no one would watch a show about FitzSimmons just being happy, for once. (Given the amount of fix-it fanfiction I’ve encountered, I beg to differ.)

Unrealistic. Blocked.

FitzSimmons have been through it all. At least once a season they find themselves in the worst possible circumstances (at least, until next season ups the ante again). Season 1, they face death in the normal course of their lives as SHIELD agents. But then they are trapped at the bottom of the ocean together, facing certain death… only to escape through the power of their genius and love.

Season 2 they are separated by personal struggles, but still gravitate toward each other. Nothing can keep FitzSimmons apart for long… except the writers keep trying. So, when things start going well, they literally send Jemma to the other side of the galaxy. Fitz won’t have it, though, and tears through everything necessary to get her back.


The writers try to complicate things by adding in Will for a love triangle aspect, but it’s so unbelievable. Will is killed off quickly because nothing can stand in the way of FitzSimmons. They try another love triangle with Madame Hydra, but it’s artificially enforced by Fitz not remembering Jemma (and AIDA taking Jemma’s history for her own). The second he remembers Jemma, Fitz chooses her with no hesitation.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Fitz literally travels through time to get to Jemma. He froze himself for 74 years to save her. They have each other’s back in the dystopian future and manage to survive, together. Then, they were briefly — briefly — happy with a wedding. So more drama! Framework Fitz emerges to ruin things. But Jemma will not stop loving him. She even comforts him with the knowledge that they have a future, which Deke (revealed to be their grandson) proves.


So the only thing left to the writers is to literally kill off Fitz. The power of FitzSimmons is too strong for anything else. They have traveled through time and space to be together. They have survived the bottom of the ocean, distant desert planets, and a dystopian future. Nothing can stop them — not even death, it turns out.

Fitz’s proposal (which sadly no one heard but him, and now he’s gone, so his proposal is lost to all but us) addresses the fact that they have been through hell. Once upon a time, Fitz believed that they were too cursed to be together. Now, looking back on all they’ve been through, Fitz realizes their love is stronger than any curse.


That’s what makes FitzSimmons such a good ship. No matter what the universe (or the AoS writers) throw at them, they survive. They get through everything they face together and emerge stronger. Nothing can stop FitzSimmons. They are unstoppable.


I’m not the only one invested in FitzSimmons, either. All the characters in the show are invested in the relationship of their science babies. It’s a recurring theme in the show that other people know the power of FitzSimmons, and how they have conquered every obstacle in their path.

The SHIELD family is all teamFitzSimmons. When Jemma is sent to Maveth, everyone wants Fitz to find her. They support him the best they can, even though he is running himself ragged trying to find her. When he succeeds, they are all proud — and relieved. Hunter, who is away at the time, is ecstatic when he finds out the good news.

Later, when Jemma is forced to kill android! Fitz, Daisy comforts her by reminding her it wasn’t really Fitz. Jemma is beyond traumatized and struggles to keep living. But Daisy reminds her that, no matter what happens, Fitz and Jemma belong together and nothing can possibly stop them. Later, Daisy will keep her title as head shipper when she lashes out at Coulson, arguing that FitzSimmons deserve just one break.


Despite the dark circumstances of season 5, the wedding is a moment of happiness for everyone. Fitz thinks they should postpone it after learning Coulson is dying, but Coulson remarks that they need the positivity. Everyone is motivated to keep fighting for a better future after seeing this couple, that they are all invested in, get married.

Even the villains know FitzSimmons is OTP. Hive, an ancient Inhuman who inhabits Will’s corpse, tells Fitz that their love is something else. Radcliffe remarks on the connection between the two, trying to jar Framework!Fitz’s memory. AIDA wanted to become human after seeing the depth of love between them. Their love changes the world.

What’s Next for FitzSimmons?

Going off what we’ve seen so far, best guess for what’s next is tragedy! The AoS writers really love to torture FitzSimmons. Maybe — maybe — they’ll get a break in season 6. Maybe the writers will choose to pick on someone else for once (though not sure who, all the SHIELD family has been through hell). As usual, season 6 is up in the air and we don’t know what’s coming.


We do know some things. Fitz is dead. He died in the season finale, leaving Jemma a widow. However, due to time-travel shenanigans, there is another Fitz out there, still alive. Jemma and the team head out to rescue him, now that he no longer needs to travel to the future to save them. So, while things are up in the air, we can make some educated guesses.

Season 6 will most likely give us a reunion (and if it doesn’t there will be riots and I will be leading them). This Fitz did not experience season 5, so there’s a lot to catch him up on. The Fitz that died got married, discovered a grandson, had a psychotic break, assaulted a friend, and died a hero. So expect a lot of trauma as he learns what happened, from both him and whoever tells him (likely Jemma). Plus, the drama of reintegrating into a team he betrayed should be stressfully interesting.


We can hope for other things, though the likelihood of seeing these things varies. Fans are hoping for a FitzSimmons baby. We know they had a child in the now lost timeline. Though that future is lost, a FitzSimmons family legacy doesn’t need to be. Plus, they deserve to start a family. What they also deserve? Some therapy, already. They need it. (We all do, after season 5.)

Is FitzSimmons Canon?

Yes! FitzSimmons is as canon as canon can get. I mean, they have an official, in-show ship name. That’s pretty impressive.


FitzSimmons has been canon as at least something since season 1. Season 2 saw them finally address their feelings and agree to become something more. Season 3 saw them finally taking the plunge and getting together. We had a brief, happy, established FitzSimmons in season 4, before the Framework fucked everything up, but that was clearly canon, established relationship. Then, in Season 5, they reached the pinnacle of canonicity: a marriage.

So, despite the fact that the writers keep throwing curveballs at them, FitzSimmons is definitely canon. It’s one of the most canon ships I ship, which is nice. And they keep coming back, stronger than ever, from every single one of those curveballs. I can’t wait to see where they go next, stronger than ever, and together forever (seriously stay by each others’ side this time, you promised you guys, seriously).