Presenting OTP Tuesday! Each Tuesday I will introduce you to a new One True Pairing! Tune in each week to find out which fictional couple you need to agonize/squee over next. I finally finished Agents of SHIELD, so sorry, not sorry I’m going to be gushing about it for awhile. Up first: DaisyDeke.

Who Are DaisyDeke?

DaisyDeke is pretty straightforward, as far as ship names go. It refers to Daisy Johnson and Deke Shaw from Agents of SHIELD.

Daisy Johnson

Given that this is the third time I’ve written about Daisy Johnson, you probably know who she is by now. Daisy Johnson is one of, if not the main character of Agents of SHIELD. She originally started out as Skye, an orphan hacker who was looking for a place to belong. Over the course of the show, she found her home: SHIELD.

The trajectory from Skye to Daisy was not an easy one. She faced heartbreak and betrayal when the collapse of SHIELD revealed that her love interest was actually Hydra. Skye was strong, though, and moved on. She was determined to do the right thing and support her found family at SHIELD.

When she found her actual family, it went a bit sideways. She found out that she was an Inhuman, a powered individual. With her newfound control over vibrations, Daisy became someone not to mess with. She also found a new love interest in Lincoln, another Inhuman.

When Lincoln died — sacrificing himself for Daisy, no less — she went a bit off the rails. Daisy became the vigilante known as Quake, hunting an anti-Inhuman group, the Watchdogs. She reunited with SHIELD when her help was needed to defeat the Darkhold and the Framework reality. After they succeed, things go predictably sideways again.

Soon, Daisy and the gang find themselves in space — and the future. Earth has been destroyed, supposedly by Daisy. They must find a way to rewrite time and save humanity. Eventually, they make it back to their own time, where Daisy fears she will destroy the world. In the end, though, Daisy saves them all by defeating Graviton.

Deke Shaw

Deke Shaw was one of the first people the SHIELD team met when they arrived in the future. It was not a good first impression. Deke was a result of his society: self-concerned, unempathetic, and somewhat violent. He wanted nothing to do with this strange group of outsiders. He just wanted to survive in his harsh world.

Somewhat against his will, Deke kept getting pulled into the group’s escapades. Daisy follows Deke, where she discovers he is running a Framework simulation as a sort of drug dealer. She wants Deke’s help; Jemma Simmons has been taken captive and Daisy needs to rescue her. Instead, Deke sells her out to the Kree director of the space station.

Phil Coulson and Melinda May discover that Deke sold Daisy out, and imprison him. Deke reveals that his parents, who he had long thought murdered by the Kree, may be alive. He wants to help SHIELD because it will help him. He eventually shows up again, helping Simmons, Daisy, and Fitz escape.

Deke starts to develop a strong character, even going so far as to sacrifice himself to send the SHIELD team home. He knows that he will die as a result of his actions, but wants to help them save the world. Except… he doesn’t die. Instead, he goes back in time to the present day with the team.

This leads to some good situations. Deke is way out of touch with reality, and his adjustment is hilarious. Later, we discover that Deke is actually the grandson of Simmons and Fitz. His newfound family connections, as well as his growing infatuation with Daisy, ground him as a character. In the end, Deke became so much more than he started.

Why is DaisyDeke OTP?

You guys. I swear I didn’t mean to get another Daisy Johnson OTP. I knew, going in, that there was going to be something up with Daisy and Deke, but I didn’t expect it to be so enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still endgame Team QuakeRider. But there’s something genuinely captivating about DaisyDeke.

The two of them work together really well, and it’s fun to watch their relationship develop. To be fair, I also think DaisyDeke works really well as a BROTP, which is something I’ve seen a lot in the fandom (especially fanfiction!). Whether it’s OTP or BROTP, though, it’s undeniable that there’s something about DaisyDeke that catches your eye.

Enemies to Friends… to Lovers?

Hey, look, it’s my favorite trope! There’s nothing I love more than good enemies to friends to lovers. Watching two people who are perfect for each other come to the same realization is the good stuff. All the better if they start out hating each other’s guts.

The DaisyDeke dynamic definitely starts off as enemies. Deke in the future is cold and seemingly heartless. He’s been through a lot, and he’s very much alone. While Daisy has been through a lot, too, she’s always had her SHIELD family on her side. So there’s a definite disconnect between Deke’s look out for number one policy and Daisy’s genuine goodwill for mankind.

When Deke sells out Daisy to the Kree, it seems there’s no turning back. But Daisy later sees that Deke was only trying to mitigate the damage to the other humans on the station. His actions also helped her rescue, Simmons. However, it’s really Deke’s willingness to sacrifice himself that shows Daisy a better side of him.

Once they get back to the past, things change. Deke’s whole world is gone. He no longer has to fight and scrabble just to stay alive. This means he can be a better person. Deke also respects Daisy a lot more now. He sees what she is willing to do to save the world. He starts to crush on her, and it’s frankly adorable.

I know a lot of people don’t like Deke and want better for Daisy. To be fair, I knew going in that he was going to get better, and that he was Fitzsimmons’ grandson. So I was able to overlook his early faults. Luckily, Daisy is able to overlook them too. She’s a forgiving person and is able to see Deke’s potential to be a good person.

Absurdity Factor

I have to say, though, a large reason why I love DaisyDeke comes down to a Tumblr post I saw before starting Agents of SHIELD (the same post got me interested in QuakeRider, incidentally). The user pointed out that Daisy’s romantic interests in the show are the most hilariously absurd thing.

Think about it. Daisy’s first love interest is a normal guy, albeit an evil one. Grant Ward is the worst, but he was still mostly normal. Lincoln Campbell was an Inhuman, like Daisy. He had superpowers, but he wasn’t that out there. Robbie Reyes made a deal with the devil and cannot die. Then comes Deke: the time-traveling, paradoxical grandson of Daisy’s best friends.

The sheer absurdity of Daisy’s love interests really tickles me. It’s like, sorry Daisy, you can’t have just a normal guy. That’d be too lame. Instead, we’re going to come up with the weirdest thing possible. Well, Deke really hits the nail on the head with that one.

Deke Shaw is impossible. He’s presented as a similar age to Daisy, even though in actuality he’s born years after her death. Deke knows Daisy by reputation. He’s even the one to tell her that she (supposedly) ended the world. And now he’s the grandson of Fitz and Simmons, her best friends who are pretty much also the same age as her?

Poor Daisy. She just can’t catch a break — always attracting the weirdos. I love it, though. Daisy is such an interesting character that to give her a normal significant other would be to do her a disservice. The paradoxical guy, though, that’s pretty funny.

What’s Next for DaisyDeke?

Who knows? As of the season 5 finale, things were pretty up in the air. The team was unsure if Deke would even be around if they changed the timeline. The thought was, if they corrected the future, Deke wouldn’t exist any longer. His paradoxical nature would remove him from existence.

The finale was unclear as to what happened to Deke. He’s gone, but not necessarily for good. Deke said, even if he lived, he was planning on leaving the base. He wanted to get out and see the world. His gentle, sort of rejection from Daisy probably pushed him into this decision.

So it’s hard to say what’s next for DaisyDeke when we don’t even know if both parties are still alive. Agents of SHIELD has been renewed for a shortened sixth season, so who knows what will happen? Maybe Robbie Reyes will come back and QuakeRider will happen. Maybe Deke is still around, and DaisyDeke happens. Hell, maybe they come up with something weirder for Daisy.

As it is, we’ll have to wait awhile to find out what happens next. Season 6 won’t be premiering until 2019, so we have a long wait to think of everything that could (and probably won’t) happen.

Is DaisyDeke Canon?

It is not! While the show was very clear that Deke has feelings for Daisy — even having other characters tease him about it — Daisy’s feelings were more ambiguous. In fact, the clearest hint we get toward Daisy’s feelings is when she mentions that she’s still somewhat in love with Lincoln. So… bad news for Deke. He takes it okay, though.

That doesn’t mean it can’t become canon, at some point. But as already mentioned, the DaisyDeke situation is completely up in the air at the moment. So at the moment, the answer is a resounding no. DaisyDeke is not canon. But if DaisyDeke is really your thing, have no fear. Nothing is set in stone, the future can be changed, and who knows what season 6 will bring?