Osomatsu-san: It’s impossible not to love the Matsuno sextuplets, that’s why this series became one of the most successful anime from the 2000s.

In A Nutshell

Osomatsu-san, the reboot of 1962’s Osomatsu-kun, follows the daily lives of the Matsuno sextuplets. Unlike the original series, this time it’s all about the siblings as NEETS young adults. Previous characters like Iyami, Chibita, and Hatabo also make a reappearance.

Meet the Characters

Osomatsu - Osomatsu-sanOsomatsu. The oldest brother and the one who gives the title to the series. As the eldest, he proclaims to be the leader and most responsible sibling, even though he’s quite childish. Osomatsu often mentions how he hates being a sextuplet and how he’d like to be an only child. Regardless of what he claims, the reality is that it’s his brothers that often need to take care of him instead.

Karamatsu - Osomatsu-sanKaramatsu. The second oldest brother, and the coolest one. You’ll recognize him for his sunglasses and leather jacket. Always striking some pose, Karamatsu is very confident in himself and his looks. In fact, he believes he’s the most handsome brother and that all girls (‘Karamatsu girls’, as he calls them) lust after him. He often uses English words and expressions to up his “cool” factor.

Choromatsu - Osomatsu-sanChoromatsu. The one with common sense. Choromatsu wants to do something with his life, and he’s always talking about how he’s going to get a job, marry a cute girl, and be a respectable member of society. Regardless of what he says, he’s as lazy as his brothers, and he’s obsessed with idols. Choromatsu is always the one calling out the ridiculousness of the situations and reprimanding his brothers when needed.

Ichimatsu - Osomatsu-sanIchimatsu. Ichimatsu has unkempt hair and always looks like he’s extremely bored or depressed. Or both. He’s quiet, low-energy, and barely ever participates in any activities. His favorite thing in the world is cats, and he’s often feeding stray cats he finds in the streets. It is at some point revealed that Ichimatsu has trouble making friends and, as a result, feels lonely. He has a close relationship with Jyushimatsu, despite being complete opposites.

Jyushimatsu - Osomatsu-sanJyushimatsu. Probably the easiest sibling to spot. Jyushimatsu always has his eyes and mouth wide open, and always looks like he’s having the time of his life. In fact, at some point, his brothers even question his sanity, as well as when exactly he started to change. He’s got never-ending energy, and he’s the most childish and random of them all. He has a passion for baseball and will use anything he finds as a baseball bat.

Todomatsu - Osomatsu-sanTodomatsu. The youngest sibling. Todomatsu is portrayed as cute and effeminate. He’s also very stylish and is seen as the chick magnet of the group as he’s the only one who gets dates. Despite appearing to be innocent, Todomatsu can be quite ruthless and manipulative to benefit himself, especially if he sees the others as a threat in a situation. His siblings often call him “Totty.”

A Brief History of Osomatsu-san: The When, Where and How

Osomatsu-san is a 2015 anime comedy series by Studio Pierrot. Based on Fujio Akatsuka‘s 1962 manga series, Osomatsu-Kun, the series picks up with the siblings as young adults. The series was an absolute success: the first volume was the top-selling anime DVD from 2016, surpassing 100K total units.

In fact, a manga adaptation of the anime illustrated by Masako Shitara began serialization in Shueisha‘s You magazine in January 2016. There was also a novelization of the anime written by Yuu Mitsuru and illustrated by Naoyuki Asano in July 2016. Bandai Namco also released a party game for the Nintendo 3DS last December, and an otome game by Idea Factory is set to be released for PlayStation Vita in 2017.

Season 2 of Osomatsu-san was announced in April 2017 and will be airing during Fall Season 2017.

Why It’s Awesome

As with any other comedy series, the primary goal of Osomatsu-san is making its viewers laugh. The series achieves that with ridiculously random, and over the top comedy that is similar to other series like Gintama and Daily Lives of High School Boys. Osomatsu-san also uses its new time context to poke fun at the current state of anime.  For instance, the bishonen versions of the sextuplets mock the current trend of male idol anime, while Totoko’s love for fish parodies female neko idols.

Studio Pierrot also does an excellent job of adapting the older, more vintage art style into something that would look appealing nowadays. The pastel colors go very well with the tone of the series, while the core art form allows the animators to play with funny facial expressions while maintaining consistently good animation.

Not everything in Osomatsu-san is fun and games, though. The series also surprises viewers by adding some unexpected emotional and sad moments here and there. It’s in these moments that you fall for the characters, as it becomes apparent that, no matter how much they fight, these brothers care about each other.

Overall Score

Category Score
Show Quality 8.0/10
Characters 8.0/10
Fandom 9.0/10
Animation & OST 8.0/10
Drama/Comedy 9.0/10
Total 42/50