Orphan Black ‘Transgressive Border Crossing’ Review

Transgressive Border Crossing

Orphan Black had not felt this confusing (the good kind of confusing) since its first episodes. There are many mysteries, questions and things that we don’t know yet, but Season 4 already promises to be a very exciting one.


In ‘Transgressive Border Crossing’, Sarah listens to MK’s warnings from the previous episode and runs away along with Kira, Siobhan and Kendall (who apparently has leukemia). Her reunion with the other clones was nothing but sweet and gives us some context on how long it’s been since the end of Season 3. In a way, it was also a reunion for us to see the rest of the Clone Club that we didn’t get to see in the premiere.

It’s interesting that this season seems to go all the way back to how everything started. In fact, it goes even further back with the constant Beth flashbacks (I wonder if these flashbacks will be a thing throughout the season?). The Neolution storyline is one that I thought had a lot of potential in the first season, and I was kind of disappointed when it was dropped halfway. At the center of this mysterious Neolution-deaths and worm-thingies situation we find MK, who is is in her way to establish herself as the cinnamon roll of the Clone Club. Her last scene with Beth, knowing what would happen to her afterwards, was probably one of the most touching scenes in the whole series and brought a lot of emotional impact to the newly introduced storyline. It’s now Sarah’s job to do right by them.

Sadly, poor Sarah can’t catch a break as she discovers that she also has one of those strange worms in her cheek (and she didn’t get to check if Kira had one too!). The rest of the characters aren’t doing that great either. Felix seems distant and he confesses that he’s been searching for his birth family because he can’t feel but feeling excluded after finding out that Sarah is actually related to everyone in some way or another. Cosima is getting weaker and she’s bottling up all her worry for Delphine. And Alison seems to be somewhat jealous after she finds out that Helena was able to get pregnant with twins.

As usual, Orphan Black wastes no time to hit us in the face with its crazy revelations and plot twists. MK is a very promising character that will most likely become key in understanding Beth, the Neolutionists and the people after them and I couldn’t be more excited to see what else Tatiana Maslany can do with her.

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