Orphan Black ‘The Redesign of Natural Objects’ Review

The Redesign of Natural Objects

After a couple rather depressing episodes where it seemed everything was hopeless, the Leda clones can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in ‘The Redesign of Natural Objects’.


Orphan Black puts Sarah in the backseat and let the others take care of the situation in ‘The Redesign of Natural Objects’. As it turns out, it was a smart decision. Not only did they manage to solve several different threats, but it was also time for other clones to get their moment to shine as well.

Starting with Alison, it’s quite interesting that they decided to place her in a situation in which she had to choose between protecting her husband or protecting Sarah. Alison and Sarah have had their differences this season and it’s clear that Alison loves Donnie above anyone else, but it was still nice that they were able to find a way for her to get out of the situation without betraying her sister. I still expect a talk between these too, though. They have barely interacted this season, except for yelling at each other on the phone. Another detail that was interesting to see was the fact that, once again, Felix was used as the bridge between Sarah and others. While these two still haven’t talked about their situation, I applaud Felix for putting that small conflict aside to focus on the main problem at hands. It goes to show us that, no matter their differences, they all still love and care for Sarah.

It also seems like they will be counting with some extra help from Rachel this time. Her “vision glitch” (if that’s what it really is) keeps getting worse, and so she decides to join Sarah and the others in their research. I’m very curious to see how Rachel, a character who has been established as one of the villains for so long, will fit into the Clone Club dynamics. Her addition could also be helpful considering Cosima claims to have found the “breakthrough” they were looking for. Her idea is to take Leda eggs and Castor sperm to recreate the original gene, meaning they would need Sarah and Ira’s “contribution”. With Cosima, Charlotte and now even Mika running out of time, the experiment seems more urgent than ever.

Donny has been saved, Rachel is joining the team and Cosima has come up with a new solution. On top of that, Siobhan has gotten her revenge on Detective Duko (whether that will come back to bite her in the ass we will have to see). Overall, it’s a slight improvement from previous episodes, but there’s still a long way to go that certainly calls for a Season 5 announcement.

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