Orphan Black ‘The Collapse of Nature’ Review: Beth Childs’ Story

The Collapse of Nature

Orphan Black is back and, after watching ‘The Collapse of Nature’, it’s safe to say that watching that first scene from Season 1 Episode 1 will now be even harder.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

“Beth Chlids” and “Neolution” are names that we tend to associate with Orphan Black‘s first season and the truth is, we knew little about both. We knew that Beth Childs was this rather stoic, professional police officer who killed herself after she accidentally shot the “innocent” civilian Maggie Chen, and we knew that Neolution was a biotechnological movement that was always there. It seemed threatening, but it was mostly in the background.

With the end of the Proletheans at the hands of Helena, ‘The Collapse of Nature’ puts both project Leda and project Castor aside to go back in time to when Beth was still alive. Up to this point, everything we knew about Beth came from Sarah, both from the things she deduced from her apartment and from the things Cosima and Alison told her. However, it’s safe to say that we didn’t really grasp the essence of Beth’s character until last night’s episode. We learned that Beth was a lot more troubled than what we thought at first, that her problems with drugs were no joke, and that she was clearly unhappy with her relationship with Paul (that “see me” was heartbreaking). Beth’s relationship with Art made  things even sadder. Even though I wonder why Art never brought it up when he was with Sarah-Beth, it also makes sense that he was so troubled when he learned about her death. On top of that, Beth was becoming more and more stressed and troubled with the cases she had to work with the help of her anonymous source: MK, another clone. MK had some of Helena in her, but she seemed to be a lot more sane and like she legitimately cared about catching the people behind those killings. We don’t know MK’s current whereabouts, but we can already guess that she will play an important role this season since at the end of the episode we saw her calling Sarah to warn her. She said she didn’t have many friends, so right now I only want to see her meeting up with Sarah and the rest of the clones.

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The Season 4 opener brought new factions that Sarah and the others will have to fight against, some of them we already knew from before. Mainly, Frank and Roxie who work for Evie Cho (Jessalyn Wanlim) and who are targeting Neolutionists. Also, that worm that was extracted from the victim’s cheek looked very similar to the one we saw Dr. Nealon had at the end of Season 3. All in all, far from answering any questions, ‘The Collapse of Nature’ added a lot more dimension to the storyline and presented new questions to the ones we already had. And yes, whether Delphine is alive or not is one of them.

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