Orphan Black ‘The Antisocialism of Sex’ Review


Whoever said that aftermaths of intense episodes are always calm? ‘The Antisocialism of Sex’ was just painful to watch and it certainly ranks as one of the most depressing Orphan Black episodes in a long time.


First of all, apologies for the lack of a review last week! I got my wisdom tooth extracted on that day (tried very hard not to think there was a worm in my cheek) and I felt worse than I thought so I barely managed to write the review for The 100 finale.

‘The Antisocialism of Sex’ deals with the consequences of Kendall’s death along with the cure. The death of the original is a game-changer for the series and it causes everyone to reconsider their situation and think about their next steps. For Rachel’s side, it’s just a matter of negotiations between Duncan and Evie, but for others, like Cosima and Sarah, it might even be a matter of life and death.

Sarah has been acting erratically (more than usual) all season. She blames herself for Kendall’s death and so does S. This is not the first time we see S get angry with Sarah or question the way she raises Kira, but this time S said some words I never expected to come out of her mouth. Even Felix, who hasn’t connected with Sarah this season, had to step in and defend his sister, not only for Kira’s sake, but also because Sarah is the glue that holds them all together. What followed this exchange were some of the most uncomfortable scenes I have watched from this show and that’s saying a lot. I couldn’t decide whether I felt bad for Sarah or whether I wanted to hit her in the head. Probably both. The only good thing we got out of this was confirmation that Sarah Manning is bisexual (yay for more bisexual representation!). Sarah has been paralleling Beth for a long time now, but in this episode Beth actually became a hallucination of Sarah. Even if their exchange wasn’t real, it was truly heartbreaking to hear Beth encouraging Sarah to commit suicide. Thankfully, Felix appeared right on time and, while it might not count as a reconciliation, it’s a step in the right direction. At least, I prefer him being the one to save her over Dizzy. He might have good intentions, but I still don’t fully trust him.

The Antisocialism of Sex - Orphan Black - The Daily Fandom

Sarah is not the only one in Clone Club that blames herself, though. Apart from “witnessing” Kendall’s execution, Cosima got some terrible news regarding Delphine. All the stress from the past weeks leads her to willingly take on the worm because if she’s going to die anyway, she might as well give her sisters some information. Once again, Felix saves the day by calling her and telling her that, according to Krystal’s investigation, Delphine might as well be alive. It’s really fortunate that Felix got there in time, but Cosima still has a long way to go. I imagine talking things out with Scott could help. It’s really hard toto watch the clones do these things to themselves.

Aside from dealing with the consequences of last week’s episode, ‘The Antisocialism of Sex’ is also introducing new plot points for future episodes: Donnie might end up in jail, Rachel is now apparently able to see strange things with her new eye and Mika has appeared in Kira’s laptop screen, hopefully with good news. The episode also proved once again the reason why Orphan Black‘s Season 4 is being such a solid season: unlike the previous couple seasons, the show is focusing only on one storyline and the results are fantastic.


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