After the shocking Season 3 finale, a lot of members of the #CloneClub were looking forward to get some information out of the cast and crew of Orphan Black. The panelists included John Fawcett, Graeme Manson, Ari Millen, Kristian Bruun, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Dylan Bruce, Jordan Gavaris and Tatiana Maslany (who got a standing ovation).

Maslany referred to the common (and totally justified) complaints from fans and media that the wonderful actress hasn’t won an Emmy yet: “I just think that we’re at a point where television is extremely exciting. I just feel really lucky to be at this point in television history making a show like this, and in the company of shows like that. The Emmys is lovely and wonderful, but to me it’s more about hearing the response from the fans… Being in this room — that’s why we do it”. As a matter of fact, a fan said that the Facebook Clone Club presents her as “the greatest actress in the world award”, which made Maslany come down from the stage to hug her. “That was way better than an Emmy,” she said. Aww.

This season, Millen had to face a challenge that only Maslany had faced so far: playing multiple characters. Millen said: “Tat’s one of the most generous actors you’ll ever work with, and I know if I ever do have any questions, she’ll be there to answer them”. He called creating the clones “a personal journey” that he looks forward to. On a side-note, Paul was supposed to kill Millen’s character off in episode 6 but the creators changed their minds.

It seems like there’s still things about Beth that we don’t know yet. Will we ever get a Beth flashback. Manson said that “nothing is off the table” and Fawcett added that the writers have talked about Beth’s story since the beginning of the show and that they are both fascinated by it. Manson also suggested that there is a “twist” to Beth’s story that we haven’t seen it.

Same goes for Tony.  Maslany said that she “loves” him and that she would love to explore him further. I think we got the very littlest bit of him. He just offers so much as far as identity and gender identification exploration and expression, and our show is all about that. But at the same time, he’s singular in the sense of his mullet”. She also added that “telling trans stories and having trans actors in those parts is part of getting those stories out there“. Kennedy thinks Mrs. S would understand Tony’s rebelliousness but that she would also have to have a conversation with him about “table manners”.

A Mrs. S cosplayer thanks the crew for giving the audience such a great female character of a certain age. Kennedy explained that she’s mostly interested in strong women in film and television; “I’m never really attracted to parts where I’m just gonna be the set dressing for somebody’s actions”. Apparently, Manson told her that his original inspiration was Patti Smith.

Orphan Black is also known for being a show that represents LGBTA members without reducing them to just their sexual orientation/identity. In that sense, a queer fan thanked the show for Cosima and for treating her as an important characters who’s more than her sexuality. It was a very touching moment that made many shed a tear. Gavaris said: “We like to be reductive in life sometimes. I don’t know why. It’s a social construct, whatever you want to call it, we reduce people down to sexuality, or their diseases, or their race, or their sex, or their gender, or whether or not they like Game of Thrones. But that is not who people are. People are complex, people are diverse, and there are much more interesting things to you than your sexuality”. A round of applause for this amazing cast.

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