The Mitigation of Competition

Orphan Black ‘The Mitigation of Competition’ Review

To trust or not to trust. Maybe not the most important question to come out of ‘The Mitigation of Competition’, but certainly the most relevant one.


Just as it was hinted at in the previous episode, Orphan Black brings Rachel into the dynamics of Clone Club… Kinda. She is actually accompanied by Ira, and their teamwork with Sarah and Felix is based on anything but trust. Sarah and Felix (who apparently have solved their problems) decide that it’s better to do their own thing when executing Rachel’s plans and to only count on those they really trust, like Art. There really wasn’t a reason for Rachel and Ira to double-cross Sarah and go behind her back in her plan to take down Evie by using Kendra, but it was mainly done to get back at the both of them: Evie, for having disregarded her, and Sarah, for having put a pencil in her brain. It was also a reminder that, while Rachel might be on their side now due to having a common enemy, that does not mean she’s a trustworthy member of the Leda sisters at all.

The trusting theme was also shown in a minor scale with Felix and Adele. Adele was bound to leave one way or another (although it’s probably not the last we’ll see of her), but it was still interesting that it was Felix who, indirectly, made her leave. The saddest part is that he did so to protect her. It’s not just that Felix cares about his sister, but he probably also wants to maintain his biological family away from all this mess to keep some sense of normalcy. Spending time with his biological family while being away from Sarah was nice, but having Adele around now that he’s fully back in this mess is not a very good idea.

The biggest surprise of the episode, though, was the confirmation that Delphine is alive. After weeks of the show baiting us, we were finally rewarded with Evelyne Brochu’s presence on our screens. The biggest question now is how do the writers plan to resolve all of this with just in one episode. Season finales are usually very packed and, even though Evie might be gone for now, there’s still a lot of balls in the air: Rachel’s visions, Allison’s continuous breakdowns, Donnie’s problems with the law, Helena’s pregnancy, MK’s whereabouts (and Dizzy!), Cosima and Charlotte’s illness… Right now it looks more like many plot points are going to carry on to a (potential) fifth season.

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