Orphan Black ‘From Instinct to Rational Control’ Review


We’re only four episodes in and Sarah is already on season finale-level of stressed out. It comes as no surprise, really, given how much is going on in ‘From Instinct to Rational Control’.


Fans of the show were asking to find out more about MK and that is exactly what we got in this episode. Seeing MK being such a great hacker made me think how she could have a similar role to Cosima, except the constantly hiding part. By the end of the episode, though, it seems like we won’t be seeing MK in a while. It just happens that she has a different way of doing things from Sarah. This time, their conflict came from Ferdinand and whether they trusted him or not. While Sarah wanted to save him because he had promised to help her with the worm (and he wants to save Rachel), MK just couldn’t have that because of what he had done to her sisters in the past.

This is not the only conflict, though, as there is certainly some tension among the Leda clones right now. Sarah tells Alison off because she feels like she has to do everything herself while Alison has always wanted to forget about everything and have a normal life. While I do believe Sarah has a point (none of them want to be doing these things, but they still have to), Sarah was also being really unfair to Alison: for one, birthing is a very delicate topic for her (even Donnie warned Helena about this) and both Alison and Donnie had just spent last episode doing some dirty work to help the worm investigation. And, while Felix agreed to help her this time by going to the clinic with Donnie, there is still some palpable tension in the air. At least they got something out of the investigation: it seems like the big bad for the season seems to be Evie Cho and her plans for reproductive technology.

‘From Instinct to Rational Control’ felt like a long episode because there was just so much going on. Ironically, we didn’t have much time to focus on the clones separately. Helena always running away and doing her own thing has become quite tiring by now and Cosima is, once again, barely being used. I can only hope that the show will focus more on the other clones now that we have gotten some myth-relevant answers.


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