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WARNING: This review contains spoilers

It seems like it was yesterday that we were still getting promotional images for Season 3 and now the season finale is only one week away! Things are definitely moving forward and getting more and more exciting each episode for Sarah and her sisters. ‘Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow’ had a lot of information and we’re here to recap the episode for you!

SIOBHAN, SARAH and FELIX: Following the original Castor trace

Just like they promised in the previous episode, the trio arrive in London following the lead of what Rachel translated from the book. They go to a bar where they meet with Terrance, an old friend of Mrs S who will help them track the original Castor. Mrs S sets things clear from the beginning: she’s not messing around and she wants to kill the Castors. By the way, we get a small scene in which we see that Dr. Virginia Coady keeps testing the Castor clones to find the original Castor too.

insolvent phantom of tomorrow - Orphan Black - The Daily Fandom

Back at the bar, after the four of them share stories from the past, they give him the piece of paper of what they had from the book and he says that the number Rachel wrote is actually an old prisoner’s number. After Terrance leaves, Mrs S meets with some other old friends. Terrance has gone to two other mysterious men who claim that he was supposed to call them as soon as Siobhan was in town. We see a sequence that mixes Siobhan singing and reliving her old times in the bar with Terrance getting tortured.

After Terrance (or ‘Terry’, who Mrs S has him) doesn’t pick up the phone, the three of them go to that place and find him all bloody and messy. Terrance dies on her, not without whispering some final words in her ear. Siobhan demands Sarah and Felix that they leave. They obey but Sarah doesn’t care how dangerous it is and, after having taken Terrance’ phone, she calls his people to find out what it was that Terry knew. She pretends to be Siobhan and she agrees to meet up with them in an hour. Felix, as usual, is totally against the idea but says he’ll still go with her because he needs to know she’s safe.

In the meeting, Felix is nervous but Sarah is determined to know what’s going on and has even brought a gun. They go inside a car with some people who treat them very rough when they discover she’s not Siobhan. They come clean and ask for information. The man gives them a paper with the name Kendal Malone, the owner of that prison number, and they ask him to take them there.

insolvent phantom of tomorrow - Orphan Black - The Daily Fandom

Sarah goes inside the building while Felix stays behind. Inside the place, Sarah bumps into an old lady with a knife who demands who she is. It appears that she’s Kendal Malone. Mrs S appears too to reveal something shocking: Kendal is actually her mother. Kendal reveals that the male donor was her (she absorbed a male twin in the womb), which means that she’s the Castor original. Because someone is outside approaching Felix, they realise they have to go, but not before Mrs S attempts to burn down the house so there’s not a trace of DNA left. Mrs S proceeds to shoot Kendal but Sarah stops her and says that she can’t do it because she’s still an original and a part of them after all. We’re left with the cliffhanger until next week.

HELENA and DONNIE: perfect combo!

Helena is still at Alison’s house and slowly becoming friends with her daughter Gemma. Gracie is also there but says she’s got to leave because she’s got a doctor’s appointment. It was also nice to see Helena and Gracie being in this together after they both went through the same hell together. However, Gracie has other plans in mind.

Donnie, still injured from his fight with Jason, tries to hide his face with Alison. He goes to the store and opens the door to some man who starts asking for the pills while making a mess in the store. Donnie assures him that the pills aren’t there and the man takes some kind of tank from the counter instead. Donnie admits that he doesn’t know what is and lets it go.

Helena discovers Donnie’s face and makes a paste to cure his injuries. While he’s telling his problems to her, he reveals that a man took something form over the counter, which catches Helena’s attention: those were her eggs frozen in the tank. He says he’ll retrieve it even if Alison doesn’t like it because Helena is now part of the family. And wow, didn’t he grow fond of her quickly?

insolvent phantom of tomorrow - Orphan Black - The Daily Fandom

Donnie drives to the drug dealers place with Helena. He gives them everything back and asks for the tank in exchange. While he’s in the middle of it, Helena pretending to be Alison comes in. They give him the tank bank and Donnie asks for the refund for the pills. They say there’s no refund. Donnie lets it go and leaves but they warn him that he better not go back in the business and then they say that they know where Gemma goes to school. That catches both Donnie and Helena’s attention. Helena doesn’t take it lightly, pushes Donnie outside and locks herself inside to face the drug dealers. After a few minutes, she comes back out all bloody with the refund. We can assume that she’s probably killed them. Helena later thanks Donnie for saving her babies and leaves. Alison comes in and sees his face, but she’s calmed when Donnie shows her how much money they got.

COSIMA and DELPHINE make a mistake

Cosima is at Say’s when she reads her confidential material and discovers some suspicious information, including a photo of her being some kind of soldier. Cosima talks to Scott and tells him she suspects she’s a spy since she saw the book too. She gets even more frustrated when she remembers that Shay knows she’s sick. Being incredibly worried, Cosima goes to Dyad to talk to Delphine, who refuses to help because it’s too late. However, Cosima comes clean and reveals all the information, including the fact that Sarah is looking for the Castor original in London. She says that if Castor did translate the book they’re going to be right on their heels and that they need to know who gave them that book. Delphine is convinced and says she’s on it.

Delphine and her staff go to Shay’s house to interrogate her. Delphine wonders how come someone with her income can afford a place like that and suggests that she’s working for Castor. Shay insists that she doesn’t know what they’re talking about and demands to know where Cosima is. Delphine ignores her and sits in the bath, fills it with water and and takes out a blade. However, in that same moment Gracie calls Cosima to thank her for everything and to tell her that she’s sorry for everything. Apparently, Castor had told her that she could save Mark and be together again. Cosima realises what happened and tells Scott that they made a huge mistake. She immediately calls Delphine and tells her that what she said about Shay wasn’t true. And you could see that Delphine was sort of disappointed that Shay had nothing to do with it.

This episode was full of big revelations and plot twists, especially towards the end. The race to find the Castor original is on and we can only expect it to get to a climax next week, where Kendal is certainly going to be a key character. I’m also hoping to see more of one of the big bads, Dr. Virginia Coady, who didn’t get much screen time in this episode. Orphan Black has always been a show with a lot of character and many open fronts from Season 2 onwards. At this point, I can’t help but wonder how the writers are going to work everything out next week.

‘History Yet to Be Written’ will air on June 20th on BBC America. Check out the promo down below!


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