The Daily Fandom has been fortunate enough to provide light on some of the amazing web series out there this month and in general. This is nothing short of that. OREGON TRAIL written, directed, and produced by women (Ali Kinkade and directed by Sariah May) is something that needs to be in your browser history.

OREGON TRAIL? What’s That?

So, what do you think happens when a group of high schoolers and their overzealous leader set out to recreate a famous pioneer trail? Exactly, you want to find out because the anticipation is killing you! Well, you can find out in OREGON TRAILER: a new mockumentary web series.

OREGON TRAIL: Representation

We mentioned that this show was directed, produced, backed and made possible by women. Right now, it’s getting better — women being in the forefront, but it is still something worthy to mention.

This show is giving so much representation for women and making sure that this five episode series was represented in the best way possible! The cast has been working closely with one another for two years while being members of a long-form improv group “In On The Joke” (IOTJ).

If you want more of this awesome new web series — you can watch the first episode above and check out new episodes every other Thursday on YouTube. You can find the cast and crew on IMDb, their YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!