Ordinary Girl Or Secret Superhero In Wonder Comics’ Naomi #1?

Naomi #1 is about an ordinary girl living in a boring town or is it? Everything has changed since Superman came crashing in. Naomi #1 is the newest installment in DC Wonder comics! This issue was written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker with art by Jamal Campbell.

The story starts in a small town called Port Oswego. In this town, Superman has just swooped in and saved the day and almost everyone in town saw it except for Naomi, Superman’s number one fan. The town is so small they didn’t even cover the attack on the news. Naomi does all of the research she can and finds nothing on the internet besides a horribly recorded video. Naomi thinks this is the only cool thing to happen to this small town. Until one of her friends states that his older brother was talking about there being a superhero in town back when they were babies.

This brings us to the present of Naomi being on the case in Naomi #1.

The Mystery Of Naomi #1

The story so far has been very compelling and this first issue is the mystery of who Naomi is. What does she have to do with the superhero situations that have happened in this town years ago? Naomi’s character is a little hard to figure out. I think that is because she has not figured herself out yet (and this is only the first issue). When she is in therapy her therapist tells her that she has what is called the ”Superman Complex.”

Naomi #1 © Wonder Comics

The “Superman Complex” is that ‘Superman is adopted and special.’ That is what every child wants, but especially someone that has been adopted like Naomi. We don’t know much about her yet, but you can tell she is going to kick some butt! Just by the way she is in this first issue. She goes after what she wants and will not stop until she gets answers. Like how she went to go talk to Dee, the mechanic, to ask about the events of when she was a baby. I think Naomi is going to fit in well with the other awesome female characters of DC!

One important character to mention is Naomi’s friend, Annabell. She seems like such a genuine friend to Naomi and someone we are going to see much of in this series. Annabell is super cute and loveable. When she sensed Naomi was down, Annabell thought of the best solution to make Naomi feel better, a big hug! Isn’t that just the sweetest thing?

The Art Of Naomi #1

Art by Jamal Campbell is exceptional and a ton of fun on this issue! I love the art he does for all of the characters. The scenes that included Superman were among the best. Every time Superman was on a panel he looked so warm and heroic. I feel like he did that to represent what Naomi feels when she thinks of him. A strong, friendly figure who can save everyone.

The colors for this comic are beautifully done. It really makes you want to jump into this comic and live in it. The ray of sunlight coming off of Superman, Annabell’s pink hair, and the golden rings in Naomi’s hair are a great contrast to her dark-colored dreads; all done with excellent color.

The Conclusion To Naomi #1

Naomi is not only a great addition to DC but also to Wonder. Everyone should be on the lookout for this series. Great writing, loveable characters, beautiful art, and a mystery — what’s not to like? This issue didn’t show us anything that was going to happen in the coming issues, but it was a good start to make readers excited about what could be in store for Naomi and her friends. Ending with a cliffhanger that puts us on the edge of our seat waiting for next month’s issue.

All pictures included in this article are credited to: Naomi #1 © Wonder Comics.

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