It’s seems like yesterday that Season 2 was released on Netflix but Season 3 is already around the corner! June 12th, to be exact.

That’s why we’re offering Orange is the New Black fans an opportunity to collaborate with The Daily Fandom. Just like you can see in the image above, the only thing that would be mandatory is a Season 3 review once it comes up on Netflix. That’s why we’re looking for the extreme hardcore fans who have the superpower of binge-watching an entire Season in the span of a couple days.


You can also write some speculation previous to Season 3 or after S3 is released, meta and articles on fandom.


  • to be a OITNB fan (be familiar with the story, characters and show dynamics)
  • to be respectful (discrimination and offensive behaviour is definitely NOT welcome)
  • to be plural, open and representative of all fandom sections (it’s OK to ship Vauseman, but it’s not allowed to shame other ships or shippers)
  • to have good writing skills (experience is not necessary but pieces of previous writing are welcome for reference)

You can either be a staff writer or a casual collaborator depending on your availability and preferences. Submissions open until June 10th.

If you feel like you could fit for one of these profiles, please send us an email to