Or So the Story Goes is a webseries that puts a dark modern twist on classic children’s tales. Written by Melissa Malone and Theresa Labreglio and directed by Theresa Labreglio. The series is directed towards teens and is “perfect as a gateway for young adults (and adults alike) to dip their toes into the murky waters of horror“.

The origins of this webseries are pretty particular: “the project began as an outreach program to teach the teens of our town, here the ins and outs of filmmaking and has blossomed into a project that uses the combined efforts of adults and teens alike to make it happen“. As a matter of fact, they have child and teen cast members and even a 13-year-old assistant director, as well as three teen musicians included in their soundtrack.

For this second season they are adding a dark Peter Pan with ‘Happy Thoughts‘. The total runtime will be 70 minutes, which will give them the opportunity to display ‘Happy Thoughts’ as a feature film as well. This film, which will have a bigger production, will also be later submitted into Film Festival’s in 2015. 

After a rocky year, the Darling family moves cross-country for a fresh start.  Little do they know their new home is already occupied by the ghosts of a charming yet homicidal teenage boy named Peter and his previous victims. Peter’s quick obsession with the oldest daughter Wendy puts the family at grave risk. This brings a band of ghost hunters to the Darling’s door, lead by a vengeful leader sought on ridding the ghost that destroyed her life. Time is ticking and it’s anyone’s game.

To manage that, they asked fans for help in funding this second season which resulted in great success: their KickStarter campaign ended last summer having achieved its goal. You can watch the first two episodes on their Youtube channel. The series is gonna be airing new episodes each Wednesday and can also be watched on Sparkktv and SteamNowTV. The season finale will be on the 10th of June

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