‘Once Upon a Time’: The Scoop on Season 5

It’s been a crazy few weeks for us Oncers, with casting news and spoilers abound. We’re slowly getting a clearer picture of Season 5, and it’s looking more dramatic than Downton Abbey.

The major players for Once Upon a Time’s Camelot arc have now been cast, Entertainment Weekly and Deadline have reported. Liam Garrigan (Strike Back, 24) is set to play King Arthur. The King is described as having an eternal love for Queen Guinevere, who will be portrayed by Joana Metrass (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.). Andrew Jenkins (The Killing, Wayward Pines) will be guest starring as Percival, Arthur’s most loyal knight. And speaking of knights, Elliot Knight (How to Get Away with Murder, Sinbad) has landed the pivotal role of Merlin. The four actors will be joining Sinqua Walls, who was recently cast as Lancelot.

Precious little has been revealed about the actual plotlines surrounding these characters. What we do know is that the character of Merlin will be essential to bringing Emma back from the dark side. Additionally, Storybrooke’s heroes will have to embark on a quest of epic proportions in order to track down the wizard.

Last week’s San Diego Comic-Con amped up the fandom’s excitement by more than a few notches. First off, we got a good look at the first promotional poster for Season 5, which channels a serious Silence of the Lambs vibe and features the tagline ‘Evil isn’t born. It’s made.’


The Saturday Once Upon a Time panel was full of surprises. Among them was a sneak preview which teased Princess Merida’s arrival next season. Scottish actress Amy Manson (Atlantis, Raw) has been cast to play the princess. The preview caused some speculation that Merida may also be Rumple’s mother, but those rumours were put to rest by none other than executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. While interviewing with Entertainment Weekly, the two stated that the casting call for Evanna was a fake. “The only way to throw the press off and our fans off of this being Merida was to say we’re casting Rumple’s mother,” said Kitsis. This news comes as a disappointment to those of us who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of ‘Evanna’. However, Horowitz did say that she is a character they hope to eventually introduce, so fingers crossed!

The most talked-about aspect of the panel was by far the terrifying preview of Emma as the Dark Swan. Colin O’Donoghue has spoken about Hook’s awkward predicament now in that ‘he spent so long trying to kill the Dark One and now he’s going out with her’. He also said that Killian’s number one priority going into next season is bringing Emma back from the darkness, meaning the SS Captain Swan is still sailing strong! Emma’s walk on the wild side leaves the position of the Saviour temporarily up for grabs. It’s a fair bet that Regina will be stepping into her shoes, as Lana Parrilla has already hinted that her character will become increasingly heroic. It’ll be interesting to see Evil!Emma and Saviour!Regina, a complete 180 from their roles at the start of the series.

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Once Upon a Time is slated to return to our television screens on September 27, 2015.