Once Upon a Time ‘Siege Perilous’ Review

Siege Perilous

This review contains spoilers! Proceed with caution.

Although not as dramatic as the first two episodes of the season, ‘Siege Perilous’ nevertheless provided us with some intrigue. There was a heavy focus on relationship dynamics this week, which worked wonderfully to reveal the characters’ current mindsets.

We got to see a lot of David, both in his interactions with Mary Margaret and his journey with Arthur to find the magic mushroom (ha!). In all honesty, David never grabbed my attention the way other characters did. I’d taken to viewing him simply as Emma’s dad and Mary Margaret’s husband. This episode highlighted that he’s much more complex than that. His insecurities about failure – both in fatherhood and the hero department – were easy to relate to. I really loved that Snow was his rock during their conversation about Emma. The support and encouragement she gave him reminded me of why these two make such a great couple.

Siege PerilousThings quickly turned heartbreaking on the Captain Swan front. It’s obvious that Emma still loves Hook and is willing to make their relationship work. However, she’s also become something of a master manipulator. Exhibit A: wearing the same dress from her and Killian’s first date in order to influence his emotions. Hook wasn’t so easily fooled though, and immediately told her “You’re not the same Emma. She didn’t play games”. And then came the three words that absolutely shattered me: “I loved you”. Emphasis on the past tense. Obviously, Hook was lying to protect himself (the alternative is too painful to even consider). Emma being the Dark One has so far had some interesting implications for Captain Swan. On one hand, we’re seeing the depth of their feelings for each other. But on the other, the two are growing more distant with each passing episode. Bridging the gap between them is going to be a major group effort.

Arthur has always been shady, and ‘Siege Perilous’ revealed his true colours. I felt so sorry for Grif, the poor guy. Despite doing everything that Arthur asked, he still ended up dead. The King seemed hell-bent on protecting the people of Camelot, but what exactly is he protecting them from? Lancelot’s cryptic warning to Mary Margaret did nothing but raise more questions. And in that same vein, Arthur’s recount of Lancelot and Guinevere’s romance was very one-sided. There has to be more to the story, and I’m hoping we’ll see it in future flashbacks.

Rumple being pegged as the hero was a twist I definitely didn’t see coming. And just when it looked like he and Belle might finally find happiness, too. This plotline, in addition to the revelation about Arthur’s villainy, is guaranteed to cause turmoil in Storybrooke over the coming weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds.

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