‘Once Upon a Time’: Shipping in Season 5

Once Upon a Time

Starting tonight, the show’s Big Four relationships are in for a major status update. Each couple will have some huge hurdles to leap before they can reach that coveted Happy Ending. Whether they’ll rise above the challenges or sink like the Titanic remains to be seen (but really, this is Once Upon a Time we’re talking about, so it’s safe to assume these ships are all endgame).

Captain Swan: This pairing arguably has the rawest deal of them all, with Emma literally going to the dark side. Far from hindering their chemistry, though, Emma’s transformation actually seems to be helping it. The pair were shown getting very cosy together in some behind the scenes photos, which begs the question: has Killian been swayed back to his pirating ways? Colin O’Donoghue stated in an interview with PopSugar that his character will do ‘whatever it takes’ to bring Emma back. He even compared Hook to Belle, whose love for Rumple was always unconditional despite his dark tendencies. However, the actor also hinted that Killian’s efforts to save Emma may lead him to relapse back into being a villain.

Outlaw Queen: Regina and Robin Hood’s romance has been a rollercoaster since day one. Between memory loss and a resurrected wife (who was actually Regina’s evil half-sister in disguise), these two never seem to be able to catch a break. And now that Zelena is pregnant with Robin Hood’s baby, Once’s family tree is about to get a whole lot more twisted. When questioned about it by Entertainment Tonight, Lana Parrilla simply said it would be a challenge but she was excited to become an ‘auntie’. It’s a fair bet that Zelena isn’t going down without a fight; she’ll be determined to make her sister’s life as difficult as possible. That being said, Outlaw Queen are like the Olympic champions of overcoming obstacles, so they’re bound to pull through.

Rumbelle: Emilie de Ravin told ET that there won’t be a whole lot of Rumbelle interaction at the beginning of Season 5. ‘It’s a little hard for us to have any terribly in-depth conversations…The coma puts a little damper on things for now,’ she joked. It’ll be interesting to see how they act towards each other once Rumple does regain consciousness. For so long, their relationship dynamic has been defined by Rumple being the Dark One and Belle overlooking her True Love’s villainous side. Even her seemingly endless tolerance had its limits, which was evident when the two broke up over half a season ago. Rumbelle shippers rejoiced at their reunion in the Season 4 finale, and now it’s looking like the two can return to being Storybrooke’s resident old-marrieds. Hopefully their rekindled relationship is much healthier and happier than it was before.

Snowing: It’s hard to imagine these two not being the poster couple for True Love, but Snow and Charming are headed for the rocks. Their bond will reportedly be tested ‘in a big way’ as they attempt to rescue their daughter. ‘They spend a good part of their relationship together making sure that she didn’t become The Dark One. And now she’s become The Dark One, so I think you’re going to see them go to some extreme and possibly questionable measures to getting her back’, said Josh Dallas. Yikes. My guess is that they’ll be delving into dark magic once again (which worked out so well the first time around). Although you can’t really blame them as Emma’s wellbeing is their top priority. Fingers crossed that this time around their actions don’t ruin the lives of those around them (*coughMaleficentcough*).

A Couple of Sidenotes:

Despite his marriage with Snow experiencing a rough patch, not all of Charming’s relationships will be in the dumps. The Prince is set to have a royal bromance with King Arthur from Camelot. This new development is confusing, to say the least, since Arthur is described as more of a villain while David is firmly in the hero camp. Maybe they’ll bond over horse-riding and sword fighting and other princely activities? Either way, if Eddy Kitsis is to be believed, this new brotp might give Captain Charming a run for its money.

In addition to getting more screen time as the Author, it looks like Henry will also be introduced to a love interest! ‘Like all 13-year-old boys, they have to navigate their way through the minefield of first dating’, said executive producer Edward Kitsis. The writers have hinted that the new character may be from Camelot, calling it ‘a place of love’.

Once Upon a Time is slated to return to our television screens TONIGHT at 8/7c. Look out for our review of the season premiere!