‘Once Upon a Time’: Lancelot to Return in Season 5


The legendary Knight of the Round Table is confirmed to make at least one appearance next season. Once creator and executive producer Edward Kitsis teased the news to Entertainment Weekly but didn’t comment further, simply stating that ‘you can’t go to Camelot and not see Lancelot’.

Sinqua Walls (Power, Teen Wolf) is set to play the role, which raises some questions about the status of his character within canon. Walls previously appeared as Lancelot in Season 2, but was presumably killed by Cora (Barbara Hershey). However, as viewers never witnessed his death, there remains hope that he is in fact alive and well.

Lancelot will be joined by Merlin, Arthur, and Guinevere for next season’s Camelot arc. If writers are adhering to the original Arthurian legends, the Knight’s reappearance is sure to create tension as he vies with King Arthur for Queen Guinevere’s affections. The outcome of their love affair remains to be seen, due to the show’s penchant for delivering its tales with a twist.

Once Upon a Time is slated to return to our television screens on September 27, 2015.

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