Find out everything about Oh Na-ra and why doesn’t the Korean actress marry her hot boyfriend Kim Do Hoon?

Oh Na-ra is a talented actress who majored in dance and also professionally developed her talent in musicals. Oh Na-ra has landed immense popularity for her supporting roles as actress in Jekyll, Yong-pal, Hyde, Man to Man, Me, Sky Castle, My Mister, Chicago Typewriter, and The Lady in Dignity

Even during her 40s, Oh Na-ra is very active in her career and has maintained her looks. 

Here I have compiled Oh Na-ra’s profile, information on her hot boyfriend and marriage and Instagram details.

Oh Na-ra enjoying the day during shooting

On Na-ra’s Profile

Name: Oh Na-ra

Born on October 26, 1974

Born in Seoul

164 cm

47 kg

Type O

Family: Father (Lee Seung-chul), Mother (Kyeon Mi-ri), one younger brother (Lee Da-in)

Kyunghee University, B.F.A. Dance

M.F.A. in Musical Arts, Dangguk University

Currently Professor of Musicals at Baekseok College of Arts, School of Music

Oh Na-ra with her pals at 6th Sense shooting

Oh Na-ra’s Early Life

Her parents waited for so long to have a child. Finally when Oh Na-ra was born, her father exclaimed, “Woori nara manse! (Long live our country!)” and from his remarks her name Nala, meaning country got established. 

During those days, a name like “Nala” was very rare as the term originates from Hangul, a Korean language without Chinese characters. This rarity helped her name stand out at her school and later in her career. When she was a student, her teachers often asked her to make presentations.

Oh Na-ra made her debut in 1997 in the musical “Sim Chung”. She was then a cast member in the first musical version of the movie “I’ll Find Your First Love”. Later the movie became famous starring Gong Yoo and Im Soo Jung.

In addition to this, she was also the heroine in many romantic comedy musicals in Daedajo (a town famous for its theater).
On Na-ra won the Best Actress Award in 2006 and Popularity Award in 2007 at Korea Musical Awards. Her role in Racket Boys fetched her the Best Character Award for an actress in SBS Drama Awards 2021. Oh Na-ra also won the Fashionista Award at the Asia Model Awards 2019.

Oh Na-ra won The Best Character Award for Racket Boys at SBS Awards

Oh Na-ra’s role in ‘Because I Love You’ landed her 2017 Excellence Award for an actress in movies in the Korean Culture Entertainment Awards. In 2021, she too won the Excellence Award for an actress given by Korean Culture Entertainment Awards for starring in Racket Boys.

Oh Na-ra winning the Korea Cultural Entertainment Awards

She is the first Korean actress chosen by Shiki Theater Company, a Japanese entertainment firm, thanks to her popularity and the ability to work with a Japanese group. The company hired her as the most preferred Korean actress. 

Some people did not support her idea of joining Japanese companies as she had by then garnered considerable popularity in her homeland, but she went with her decision anyway. 

Oh Na-ra with Ryu Seung-ryong at the Gangneung International Film Festival

Looking back on those days, Oh Na-ra remarked, “I don’t know what kind of nerve I had to go there when I couldn’t speak a word of Japanese. I went there and learnt Japanese fluently”. 

She said she had a highly productive time with the firm and could learn a lot at the world-famous Shiki Theatre Company. Starting from 2001, she stayed with Shiki Theater for around 3 years and starred in Mamma Mia and other plays.

While working in Japan, she came across a funny incident. When she introduced herself by her name to people she met for the first time in Japan, they were taken to laughter because in Japanese, ‘Onara’ means ‘fart’. 

For five years from 2006 to 2011, she also worked as a dancing instructor for a children’s program on a Korean educational channel.

Oh Na-ra on Sixth Sense poster

Oh Na-ra worked as a musical actress for about 13 years but began her TV career in 2008 with a role in the drama ‘Minesweet Seoul’.

She revealed the following on a variety show that aired in January 2019 referring to how she started her drama career, “I’ve never talked about this on TV before, but my brother actually has a disease. He was born with it and my parents couldn’t come to see my performances very often. It was difficult for him to come to the cinema even when we did movies. I used to watch dramas at home, and my parents love dramas. I love acting, but I also want to show filial piety to my parents, so I jumped into an active career of acting in dramas”.

Oh Na-ra’s love for her family is highly impressive.

Oh Na-ra with the cast on a day of shooting for 6th Sense
Oh Na-ra with the cast Sixth Sense 2 last episode

Why doesn’t Oh Na-ra marry her hot boyfriend?

Oh Na-ra has a boyfriend whoshe has been dating for more than two years. But apparently, she has no plans to get married yet. Here is what is going on between them and about her marriage. 

Oh Na-ra’s boyfriend, Kim Do Hoon, is an acting instructor with a musical acting background who currently teaches at YG Kay Plus Academy‘s acting school.

They first met when they performed together in a musical. At the launch party after the performance, Oh Na-ra was suffering from nausea after drinking too much and felt a warm hand gently rubbing her back. It was none other than Kim Do Hoon.

The sight of him made her so happy that she kissed Kim Do Hoon while throwing up.

When asked about why he did not marry her even though they had been together for more than 20 years, Kim Do Hoon said, “Isn’t it really great that we’ve been together for over 20 years?”

Oh Na-ra remarked about her marriage, “I’m not against marriage. I wanted to get married, but I kept thinking, ‘Next year,’ and here we are. After more than 20 years, I wonder if I should bother getting married. Someday I will. I want to wear a wedding dress when I am beautiful. But I can’t seem to take the plunge. No matter how much we try to simplify it, there is a lot of preparation to do, and we get stressed out wondering if it will bother people around us. I wonder if our happiness is the happiness of those around us. My parents have very few demands on me now that I’m over 40.”

She adds, “I think that’s why I’m so happy.” 

About Kim Do Hoon, Oh Na-ra said, “He is a reliable best friend who understands everything with a single breath. He is the best friend I have ever had.”

Fights are very common between them. Sometimes, they stop talking to each other for a few days, eventually forgetting the differences and getting closer once again. Their love for each other is amazing!

Oh Na-ra said, “We can get married right now if we want to. But I don’t think marriage has any particular meaning in our relationship. We’re already like family. It’s more important how we dream and live together.”

In another interview, Oh Na-ra revealed the nickname they have given each other. “I call my boyfriend ‘Tuna belly’, and my boyfriend calls me ‘Adam’”, indicating us what a sweet and jovial natured couple they are.

Oh Na-ra’s Instagram

Oh Na-ra admiring native Sundae dessert
Oh Na-ra at her knitting hobby
Oh Na-ra bubbling with joy
Oh Na-ra coffee before coming in from work and washing up
Oh Na-ra gifted with her most loved purple color flowers
Oh Na-ra in one of her best outfits
Oh Na-ra looks awesome with her glasses
Oh Na-ra refreshing at a cafeteria
Oh Na-ra says Drink Collagen delivered which she ordered 10 years back
Oh Na-ra says she is a big fan of icecreams
Oh Na-ra skipped her breakfast for payu
Oh Na-ra wearing a sweet smile
Oh Na-ra with gift for Hana’s birthday
Oh Na-ra with pretty smiles


I hope that she will soon give us the good news about her marriage with her boyfriend, who has been her wonderful companion for over 20 years. We may look forward to seeing her in more interesting roles in her future films with her popularity surging on the upward curve despite her age.

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