The Actress Oh Ji Eun is a Korean actress veteran who has essayed many roles since her start in 2003. She came into prominence because of her role in Three Brothers.

She was in the limelight because she was replaced from the show Blow Breeze which caused quite a buzz. But her other main news item was the plastic surgery scandal that engulfed her life.

We also think she looks like Park Hana! Be the judge as we show pictures of both of them in the section below!

Oh Ji-Eun’s Profile

  • Birthday : 30th December, 1980
  • Birthplace : Seoul
  • Height : 165 cms
  • Blood Group : Type O
  • Education : Hanyang University (Department of Theater & Film)

What makes Oh Ji-Eun’s career choice interesting was, when she joined the theater department of Hanyang University, she wasn’t much interested in Korean Dramas & TV and had no idea about the Korean celebrities & stars.

One of her quotes was:

“If I have to become a director someday, then I need to be a part of the film crew for at least 10 years. And I consider being an actor a training of sorts for being a director.

– Oh Ji-Eun

For her graduation project, Oh Ji-Eun basically submitted two projects

  • A project directed by her
  • A project directed by her seniors but performed by her

The movie in which she acted won an international award at a film festival which led her to joining an entertainment agency.

Her foray into movies post that, surprised her friends as they didn’t see her as a person who would get into films.

Oh ji-Eun’s Foray Into TV

Oh Ji-Eun debuted in 2006. She wanted to start off with Korean Mini Series which are about 16 to 20 episodes. These Korean Mini Series’ are the gateway to super stardom in Korea.

As she didn’t have the experience, she had to audition for roles in long-form content in Korean TV that was running for years.

In 2009 – 10, she portrayed the character of Ju Eo-young from the TV show “Three Brothers” that catapulted her fame and her reputation as an actress gained.

But even post that uptick in popularity she was replaced in the 2010 drama “Smile Again” as the director considered not giving the lead role to a newbie.

In 2013 she was part of the TV reality show called “Law of the Jungle in Himalayas” where she portrayed herself.

2016 was when she had to stop work on the TV show “Blow Breeze” as she sustained an injury during filming.

The next year she gets married.

One of the other roles that made her popular was the 2019 Drama “The Golden Garden“. This was her first role post her wedding and she nailed it!

Setbacks in her TV Career

During the shooting of Blow Breeze, she had to run with heels on. She slipped and ruptured her anterior ankle ligament. She was advised to rest for 8 weeks.

Post that she had to get a surgery done which led to her leaving the show after the 12th episode.

She portrayed the role of Park Shin Ae, a North Korean woman which was a lead role. As the character was important to the show, they couldn’t afford to kill off the character. That role was handed to Su-Hyang, an understudy.

This was a massive setback in her career and it was a lead antagonist role and in one fell swoop, she lost a role of a lifetime with no fault of her own.

Oh Ji-Eun’s Plastic Surgery Scandal – Did she get it done?

Most celebrities who have looks that are out of the world are always questioned by the media. Did they go under the surgery?

Here are pictures of Oh Ji Eun before and after surgery:

Old pictures of Oh Ji Eun:

Recent pictures of Oh Ji Eun:


There were discussions and comparisons to Kim Twae Hee when she first started off in “Three Brothers”.

Korean surgeons used the Golden Ratio of 1:1:1 as the perfect ratio for a beautiful face. So what does that mean?

That means from the top of the forehead to the eyebrows, from the eyebrows to the tip of the nose and from the nose to the chin should all be in equal proportion.

So why did a lot of users doubt that Oh Ji-Eun had plastic surgery done? One because her looks did change since she debuted and secondly she has the perfect 1 : 1 : 1 face.

Compare this to Kim Twa Hee who has a 1:1:0.8 face in terms of symmetry.

Oh Ji – Eun’s Workout Routine

Oh Ji-Eun has a great body and mostly known for her amazing legs.

Her beautiful legs seen through a torn skirt in the 2009 “Three Brothers” show, attracted a lot of attention.

She swears by Yoga to maintain her figure. Apart from Yoga, she also does Pilates & Jazz Dance.

Oh Ji – Eun’s Husband & Life Post Marriage

Oh Ji Eun Husband

Normally people in the movie industry, get married to similar celebrities. In the case of Oh Ji-Eun, she married a normie.

Asked about marriage she said:

As acting is an unstable profession, I need a man who has a stable job & career

– Oh Ji-Eun

She was introduced to her husband by her friend. Her husband works in the financial industry in the UK and had no idea she was an actress.

He was so taken by her, he would visit her every single day.

Her husband lives in Hong Kong and they got married soon after the release of “Unknown Woman” in 2017.

She shuttled between Korea and Hong Kong.

Oh Ji-Eun has done a good job of keeping her private life hidden. She had said in an interview once that:

“I don’t want people to know whether I’m married and have kids”

– Oh Ji Eun

She didn’t want her family to be hounded by the media.

Until present day, nobody knows of Oh Ji- Eun’s children.

Oh Ji-Eun’s Doppelgänger and Look Alike

Oh Ji Eun Lookalike
Park Ha Na

A lot of people consider the actress Park Ha Na as a doppelgänger of Oh Ji-Eun. Netizens say that they could be considered twins.

When asked who should replace her in Blow Breeze, she said Park Ha Na. She said:

“Most people wouldn’t even know that they switched actresses because of the resemblance”

– Oh Ji Eun

Once Oh Ji Eun visited Park Ha Na in her set and they immediately laughed because of their uncanny resemblance.

Although, they do look alike, when you see a picture of them, side by side, they don’t look all that alike.

Oh Ji-Eun’s Pictures

Oh Ji-Eun's instagram
Oh Ji-Eun's pictures
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Oh Ji-Eun's instagram
Oh Ji Eun Husband
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