Nottingham: A Web Series Where Feminism Meets Heroism


A modern take on Robin Hood has come to the web series sphere called, Nottingham; it is breaking the mold of a traditional literary web series. And, we are so excited to talk about it. We love the idea of students — Masters and Ph.D. alike — are creating excellent web series.

How Was Nottingham Created?

This series started similarly to another one we have talked about as well – the idea was birthed by a Masters student. The idea was to create a Literary Inspired Web Series (LIW) unlike any others on the internet. Something fresh and something new. This is inspired by the lack of female heroism in media.

The idea that there aren’t so many to be inspired by. So, the show’s creator decided — why don’t we merge superheroes with LIW? The application and the web series she proposed was accepted, and the project was born. That is where we land today.

Nottingham Web Series Meets Feminism

The main character Rory is a university student studying computer science at Nottingham University. She is the first in her class and has no doubt she will last the internship that is the most prestigious at her university.

However, what she doesn’t expect is to be degraded during her interview and then lose to an all-male team. Rory is convinced this has to do with more than just her lack of skill; this is about who she is and what gender she is. So, Rory decides to get even and in turn, her alter ego is born. A vigilante by the name, Robin Hood.

Rory’s alter ego is much unlike herself, Robin Hood would face corporate companies and look straight into the Dean’s eyes. Robin Hood would question the Dean to no avail. As her quest for justice becomes tiring and personal, Robin Hood starts to think that maybe working with a team might be better than working alone. Rory must face the consequences of her actions.

Who Plays Who in Nottingham?

Samantha Levine plays Rory (or Robin Hood when incognito). Gordon Harper plays Michaelwe. Ayelen Barrios Ruiz Pagano is the show’s creator.

Where Can I Find Nottingham?

The story is told via YouTube videos in the style of “hacked vlogs.” The “hacked vlogs” will be through personal videos available in the Facebook group, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Transmedia will be available to explore through a website linked here.

The first episode will begin to air on February 12th at 9:00 a.m., EST.

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