We are definitely on an Image kick these past few weeks — coming in hot again with No. 1 With A Bullet issues 1-6. From the masterminds Jacob Semahn (writing/story) and Jorge Corona (art/cover), we have a fantastically mind-altering comic miniseries.

We also have coloring by Jen Hickman, lettering by Steve Wands, and editor Erin Levy on board. There are six issues of this series and reading them all at once like we did was a crazy ride. So, without further ado — let’s talk about Nash Huang.

No. 1 With A Bullet: Nash’s Journey To Gain Her Privacy Back!

Nash Huang is powerful human being. Her social media presence is great, her show segments are on point, what more could she need? She is at the top of her game. However, when iRis Shutter Contact Lens hit the market, her life is invaded. The latest leap forward in ‘technological progression’ are these contacts.

They not only play video or augmented reality, they also record footage. While Nash is fighting to keep her life together after she is hacked and a sex tape of hers is leaked and goes viral; a clingy super-fan is the last thing on her radar. That is exactly when the bodies start stacking up and the panic begins.

The Reoccurring Theme of Social Media

When it comes to social media, we all know how skewed messages can get. One person says one thing, someone says it differently, then you have five different versions of one simple message someone said. Social media — in more than one way — can become a toxic place to be.

The concept of hacking is more prominent now then it has ever been in the past decade. Hackers can hack into absolutely anything these days from the iCloud to Twitter. Nothing is as safe as we think. What No. 1 With A Bullet does is let us know that with a personal story about Nash’s experience with being hacked.

After Nash is hacked, her life kind of plummets. One domino falls, her girlfriend leaves her, another domino, someone was/is in her home. Another domino, her previous boss, Jad, was the one who filmed her against her will with the iRis Shutter Contact Lens’ after they slept together. And, dominos just keep falling. There doesn’t seem to be a way out for Nash.

Similarly, that is the concept of social media, no?

The Victim Blaming & Shaming

Nash’s encounter with social media shame is what brings us to the topic of victim blaming and shaming. While Nash is the victim in this situation, in issue one she was against a previous hacking situation with Vanessa Green. Nash even states,

“It’s the internet. Don’t want your shit out there? Then don’t make it easy for people to take advantageHackers gonna hack.”

This is interesting because when it happens to her, it’s the complete opposite. She victim blames essentially to get victim-blamed by others. Neither of the situations are correct; but, this is the power of social media and you need to make sure your tracts are non-visible with everything you do. Nash, unfortunately, didn’t know but didn’t do so.

Everyone is blaming Nash. It’s her fault for this. They rarely even blame Jad stating “boys will be boys” even when he admits what he did (and fabricates it a little bit, too). No blames anyone else but Nash, she should’ve been more careful… she should have understood the implications… shoulda’ coulda’ woulda’. At the end of the series, it ended up being anything and anyone but Nash.

What To Make Of No. 1 With A Bullet

The art is striking and sensational. For the concept of the comic and the themes it presents, the art is breathtaking and gets the point across. The color codes used throughout are used so perfectly in order to express the emotion, the pain, the happiness, and the love respectively.

When you get the red background, mixed with the blue characters it adds a sort of degree of jarring and frightening emotion to the scene. Throughout each issue, the writing is thrilling. One of the highest aspects of this series are the most prominent ones: the writing and art. The character development is breathtaking when it comes to such a short miniseries.

You understand Nash, her girlfriend, Violet, and the mysterious No. 1 fan in depth by the sixth issue. Every relationship within the six issues is developed in such a way that each one is vital to the story and plot at hand. Nothing is left as a mere ‘fun fact.’

The Ending Lingers… In A Good Way

By the end of the miniseries, the reader is floored. Jarred by the events that happened and how everything has led to this one moment. The power of social media is a scary notion and this comic instills that. Social media can be a scary place to be, especially, when your life and source of income depends on it.

For someone like Nash, her life depends on it. The ending, for lack of spoilers, is a page-turner. By the time you reach issue six, you will be shocked at the outcome of what happened with the overall story. The first page of the first issue does come back in a really important way by issue six, that much will be told.

Important Themes in No. 1 With A Bullet

The theory of social media and when it becomes too much. The concept of stalkers and victim blaming. You can even add the notion of mental health to the list of important themes throughout this series. There is so much to take from this miniseries, and so much to think about after those last lingering words of the ending.

Again, this is an important comic for many reasons, including those themes. However, this comic is great in its own right. From the writing to the coloring, you are encapsulated by every momen. This was binge-read within the time span of a day, all six issues, and the ability to have done that was stimulating.

To have waited in between each issue and release would have taunted me with anticipation. Regardless of that fact, this series is a 10/10. If you have time, please read No. 1 With A Bullet. It is truly a mesmerizing miniseries to read and keeps you aware of just how creepy social media is…

No. 1 With A Bullet #1-6 by Jacob Semahn (writing/story) and Jorge Corona (art/cover).
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