If you read this review, you will have Blackbird #3 spoiled. Towards the end we do spoil a huge arc of this issue. We are sorry, but we have to talk about it, it was too good not to. We redeem ourselves with the title, right? All the images are from Image Comics and Blackbird #3.

The continuous story by Sam Humphries and Jen Bartel is back with Blackbird #3 and we have stayed along with this story since day one. (The layout artist is Paul Reinwand, the colorist is Triona Farrell, the letterer is Jodi Wynne, and the designer is Dylan Todd.) We enjoyed the first issue and the second and the story continues with even more questions from Blackbird #3. Nonetheless, if you have yet to read one and two, you can check those out here at thedailyfandom

Blackbird #3

So, where do we begin, eh? Blackbird has kept readers on their toes, tippy toes at that. We have dealt with twist after twist, and in this third issue, we are left with another twist that leaves us waiting for the fourth issue. Still, we keep coming back for more — that is some excellent writing and art, lemme tell ya. At the beginning of this issue, we get another flashback; which we are truly enjoying with each issue. Giving us flashbacks little by little into both Marisa and Nina (Blackbird)’s world is much better than giving us the whole issue with just flashbacks. However, this particular flashback is important for the last page of the issue. Stay tuned.

A Consistent Set Of Attributes

The writing and art are as mighty as ever in this issue. The art will never cease to amaze us, of course, Jen Bartel is doing it. However, the writing is different — while it is great because we know Sam Humphries’s previous work, it is prose. Sam writes in a prose that is to be read as everyday language. In certain comics, you have a sense of metrical writing.

A beat happens then the next thought bubble plays off that beat, etc. The way Blackbird is written is in contrast to that. It is written as what we call prose, which is without metrical writing. Meaning no speech bubble plays off the other. They are thoughts of the characters that are separate from the previous; essentially regular conversational talk.

This is unconventional, but fitting for us as readers. It works for the tone of the comic. We’ve never had an issue with Humphries’s writing being excessively prose. We actually love it. Nonetheless, if you are not a fan of that — I would read the first issue, see if you like it, and go from there. You might not even notice it, but it is something that stood out to us when we read the first arc and it continues throughout and is worth mentioning.

A Minor Issue In Blackbird #3

As we have kept along with this issue — we do have one con about this third arc. In this arc, Nina showcases a lot of what she knows, which we loved to see and read. The scene with Clint towards the end of the arc is the one that felt… ill-placed. Although we suspected it was going to happen or at least in future issues, it seemed off to have them almost kissing in the third issue.

Blackbird #3

This was not a huge issue for us, but it did seem too fast. We wish it would have happened at least in Blackbird #5.

Welcome To Blackbird Where We Give You Even More Questions…

We have more questions than answers after this issue, more so being, and spoiler alert, Nina’s mother isn’t dead?! She’s alive and looking better than ever — so… what happened in between it all? Assuming that Marisa is somewhere with the mother, and Nina is a secret paradragon?

We have so many questions after that ending and now we must wait for Blackbird #4. What is a girl to do? The plot of Blackbird #3 seems to be moving towards the next few issues being and telling a lot. From the beginning of the series, we have gotten a ton of new developments in Nina’s life.

Is The Issue Worth It?

Of course, despite the one fault we had — the series is still holding on strong. We are enjoying the characters, the plot, and Clint… he’s nice to look at, we have to admit. The creators behind the comic are creating a wonderfully modern science fiction story. We cannot wait to read more!

Blackbird #3 by Sam Humphries and Jen Bartel
Blackbird #3 by @heyjenbartel & @samhumphries gives us a few new questions at the end of this issue - out this week under @imagecomics, check out Blackbird #3.