Blackbird #2

Nina (And Marisa) Need/s To Be Saved In Blackbird #2

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If you haven’t read our review of Blackbird #1, you can here, and we will put a small recap of the first issue in our review of Blackbird #2. However, the first issue was gorgeous, so please do read it yourself, you won’t regret it. Blackbird #2 is a comic series created by Jen Bartel and Sam Humphries. Jen Bartel does the art, while Sam Humphries does the writing. Layout artist is Paul Reinwand, the colorist is Triona Farrell, the letterer is Jodi Wynne, and the designer is Dylan Todd. Variant cover by Ming Jue/Helen Chen.

All photos included are courtesy of Image Comics’ Blackbird, artwork by Jen Bartel, 2018.

Quick Recap Of Blackbird #1

Last time on Blackbird, Marisa was kidnapped by a paragon while Nina was left in turmoil over what happened. Nina was in turmoil for two reasons: she wished it was her and her sister was just kidnapped. What does Nina do? She goes and tells her dad about it. However, even before that, in Blackbird #1, Nina and Marisa both noticed they had a glowing mark on their forehead while they were arguing with one another. That was interesting because Nina has always believed, but Marisa and her family never have. They often called her ‘crazy’ for believing in it. 


That begins Blackbird #2.

What Happens In Blackbird #2

After a thrilling ending to issue one, it is only right to fill us in on issue two, right? Well, we get that and even more questions to the answers to the questions we once had. That doesn’t make sense now, but trust us, it will soon. In Blackbird #2, Nina goes to her father first. She decided to tell Enrique that Marisa is missing, not that he would care. He only drank and berated her about her ‘belief’ in these ‘wizards.’ Nina, of course, gets angry and we get a flashback on her childhood. Which wasn’t pretty.

If you have a trigger warning for any kind of substance abuse, unstable childhood/s, or simply unstable families, you may want to head in with caution to this issue; in the beginning, it has a few panels that depict this – but the three pages are the only instances.

A Thrilling Flashback For Nina & Marisa

The flashback goes into depth about her sisterhood with Marisa and her relationship with her grandmother and mother. It gives us a glimpse into her father’s stance with everyone as well, he appears to be an alcoholic who never really spent time with his children or family. Therefore, Nina takes it as her goal to find Marisa because if she doesn’t, who will?


Her dad doesn’t seem to care much, right? She makes it her mission to find the paragon. The one she saw the first issue. The dreamy paragon. She puts on a killer outfit and stomps out to find out where he could possibly be and finds some great clues that lead her to him. His name is Clint, he is a paragon, but he’s also been watching her back because little does Nina know the Polaris Cabal Hunter are coming for her.

What does she do now? And, who are the Polaris Cabal Hunters?

The Art Makes One Speechless

As we mentioned in the first review, the art is just… magnificent. It rings true in the second issue, golly, the art might be better than the first. It just keeps on getting better and better in terms of color and quality. Before we got a glimpse into the color of Nina’s world, but now we are getting the color of the paragon world as well; whatever that may consist of. 

Jen Bartel does a miraculous job on the artwork, each piece of art is a pleasure to look at. If you ever just want to read a beautifully drawn and written comic, pick up the Blackbird series and stay for the science fiction vibes. That brings me to Sam Humphries writing style. From Sam’s work on Jonesy, I adored the writing style used. It’s playful, yet serious when needed.


There’s not too much and not too little and I think that’s why I praise it as much as I do. I love a comic that uses minimal words, and more artwork to depict what is happening. Showing rather than telling is a gift and it truly does allow the artist to make a piece of glorious work. That is why Sam and Jen go together so well in this series. They balance each other out perfectly.

Are You Reading Blackbird Yet?

If we haven’t convinced you by now, what are you waiting for? Blackbird #2 is out now, and if you don’t go get it, you are missing out a wonderful new series. All you need to go is catch up on one issue. Just one. That takes about 10 minutes max. Go catch up and read the second issue. We’ll wait…

The second issue of Blackbird continues the story with even more questions about Nina’s life. Who is she? Who took Marisa? And what is going on with all of these perfect looking people? Find out in Blackbird #2!

Blackbird #2 by Jen Bartel, Sam Humphries, Paul Reinwand, Triona Farrell, Jodi Wynne, and Dylan Todd.
The second issue of Blackbird continues the story with even more questions about Nina's life. Who is she? Who took Marisa? And what is going on with all of these perfect looking people? Find out in Blackbird #2!