‘Night Vale’ Creators to Launch New Series ‘Alice Isn’t Dead’


If you are a fan of Welcome to Night Vale, you will be happy to know that creators Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Canor are about to release a brand new series called ‘Alice Isn’t Dead‘.

Written by Fink, Alice Isn’t Dead follows a truck driver who travels the United States searching for her wife, but things will quickly start getting strange. The new fiction series will begin on March 8th and will feature 10 episodes. The story was actually inspired by Fink’s experiences while touring around the country for live editions of Night Vale.

Many members from Night Vale will be returning: Disparation will be in charge of the music, and the star of this new series, Jasika Nicole, is actually a major character in Night Vale. However, Cranor stated on his Tumblr that Alice Isn’t Dead isn’t related to the story of Night Vale, other than Fink being the one who wrote it.

The official twitter account has already started teasing the new series with a new poster designed by Robin Wilson.

But that’s not all! While the first season of Welcome to Night Vale was uploaded on Podbay, this time Fink and Canor are actually starting their own podcast platform called ‘Night Vale Presents’. Both Fink and Canor plan to introduce even more podcasts on their new platform in the coming year. Aside from that, the creators are also currently working on the sequel to the Night Vale novel.

Source: NYT


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