As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Tonight, we said goodbye to The Newsroom.

Tonight’s episode dealt with the aftermath of Charlie Skinner’s death, as well as some issue that unrolled before the tragedy.

Three years ago, Will McAvoy was an a**hole that spent five minutes in a block on weather ratios. MacKenzie McHale, his ex-girlfriend whom had just returned from being an embedded journalist overseas, spent her days at the bowling alley and got drunk in the middle of the day. Charlie wanted to reunite the two past lovers to do the news once more; news that they would be proud of.

Three years later, Mac and Will’s story is still definitely a long one, but they finally got their happy ending, with a baby on the way! Yes, our favourite couple is expecting. And, according to sassy Mac, there’s a good chance that it could be either a girl or a boy. Her panicky husband decided to quit smoking, declaring a ‘sudden’ importance to live longer. Good for you, Will. I’m definitely next-in-line to smack you if you ever lay your hand on a cigarette. In the meantime, sing more! Please? Maybe another round of “How I Got To Memphis”?

With the source dead, Neal finally returned from Venezuela. After Sloan’s public shaming of the founder of ACNgage, Neal decided to finish what Sloan started. He had his replacements shut down ACN Digital, and started to build a new website with them. What warmed my heart was when Neal told his ACN Digital replacements that they “embarrassed” him. Serves you right, Bree. Now, bow before your techno-God. (Yes, Neal is the techno-God. I mean, how cool is it that he could shut down a computer by using a phone??)

I spent the past week terrified of how Lucas Pruitt would screw up Atlantis Cable News. With Charlie out of the way, I knew that Pruitt would continue on with his wrath and fire Sloan and Mac, and basically ruin ACN. Turns out, I was wrong. With a PR problem looming over his head, he made the only decision (with a little push from Leona) that he’s ever made in his entire The NewsroomI existence that has my full support: making Mac the new Atlantis Cable News president. Congratulations, Mac, on the promotion! I know you’ll make ACN better than ever!

Thank you, The Newsroom, for three wonderful seasons.  The writing and the acting were just phenomenal. For the past three years, I’ve been hooked to this show, and I can’t even begin to express how sad I am that the show has ended.

“He wasn’t angry that you guys were fighting him… He was counting on it.”

The only question I have left unanswered is the gender of the baby. We won’t ever get to know for sure what our favourite couple will be having, but what do you hope for: a baby girl or boy?

And, because I’d like to make you all cry, the following is an excerpt of Will’s speech about Charlie:

Charlie Skinner was crazy. He identified with Don Quixote, an old man with dementia, who thought he could save the world from an epidemic of incivility simply by acting like a knight. His religion was decency. He spent a lifetime fighting it’s enemies. I wish he could be here to learn the name of his successor, like I just did. Our new boss, the new prisident of ACN, is Mackenzie McHale. So this fight is just getting started. ‘Cause he taught the rest of us to be crazy, too. You were a man, Charlie. You were a great, big man.


What did you guys think of the series finale of The Newsroom? Did you enjoy how things wrapped up? Let us know in the comments below!

[Author’s Note: Over the course of the holidays, I’ll have a “Top 5 Charlie Skinner Moments” and a “Top 5 The Newsroom Moments” up! So, stay tuned.]