*Contains spoilers for the episode.*

Forget the sleigh bells. Last night on The Newsroom, wedding bells were ringing for our favourite couple!

Mac and Will are my OTP of The Newsroom (with Sloan/Don in a close second), and last night, Will McAvoy finally took MacKenzie McHale as his bride. Took them long enough! I’ve been waiting since the second episode of the first season. The decision to move the wedding up from June came when Will was given the order to surrender himself to Federal Marshals at 5pm. It was a small, but a very heartfelt and tearjerking ceremony.

Last night’s huge shocker involved Will and the story about the riots overseas. As you all know, a source contacted Neal and sent him over 27,000 classified documents. The threat of being incarcerated for not giving up his source never loomed over his head, because Will thought that no judge would throw a TV star in prison. Well, it turns out that he was wrong. VERY wrong. I understand Will’s rationality for not giving up his source. If any journalist gave up their source, they would never be trusted again; their career would be over. Maybe it’s because he wants to impress Mac, or maybe it’s because he wants to keep his trustworthiness to any future sources. “There are no number of prison days after which I will reveal my source’s identity.” The day he reveals his source will be the day he can get out of prison. It could be one day, or a hundred. One can only imagine the heartbreak and frustration and fear that Mac feels, and I seriously want to give her a huge hug right now.

Lucas Pruitt now owns ACN. At first, Sloan had tried to get one of her friend to buy ACN, in attempt to try and save the company and to make sure everyone could keep their job. It turns out that her friend was only using ACN as leverage, and bought another media company instead. So, (sadly) ACN was sold to Pruitt. This Lucas Pruitt really makes my blood boil. How dare he ask Mac if her accent was real. OF COURSE IT’S REAL. She’s British! Anyone else have this feeling that Pruitt is going to ruin ACN? I feel like this take over is going to be the thing that kills Charlie. And I really, really like Charlie Skinner. I marvel at Charlie’s hard headed-ness and his love and devotion to ACN. But if Charlie Skinner has a goddamn heart attack because of this Pruitt guy, I swear I’m going to riot and I am going to plot about a million ways to kill Lucas Pruitt.

Mac’s life is just a huge train wreck right now. The story about the riots overseas that she and her team of fantastic journalists were working on was basically thrown into the trash, her husband was thrown into a federal prison, and her news program could potentially be changed by someone who knows nothing about news! It was a tough decision for Reese: save Will or save ACN. “Selling this company is the only way we get to fight another day.” Wise words, Reese. I have to admit, I hated Reese at the beginning. But, he’s slowly growing onto me. If I had to choose between Pruit and Reese, I would definitely choose Reese.

Next week is the last episode before the series finale episide, yet I have so many questions that I don’t have answers to. Will Mac’s husband give up his source? Also, we know that Mac sent Don’s old teacher, who now works at Associated Press, the 27,000 classified documents. Will she do the piece? To be honest, I hope she does. The ACN team has worked so hard on this, and it would seriously be a shame to see all their hard work go to waste.

What did y’all think about last night’s episode? Any predictions? Let us know in the comments below!