Who Is The New Overwatch Hero?


Blizzard unveiled the new Overwatch hero at Blizzcon on November 2nd. The unveiling follows the release of McCree’s animated short.

How Ashe Fits Into Overwatch

The 29th hero of Overwatch is a gunslinger named Ashe who leads the notorious Deadlock Gang. Based in southwestern North America, Deadlock traffics military weapons. Overwatch hero Jesse McCree was also a part of this gang prior to Blackwatch recruiting him. For our look at McCree’s cinematic, click here! In the animated short, Ashe appears alongside her big omnic companion, B.O.B., and a crew of gang members (including that really cool omnic sniper).

A young McCree befriended Ashe in the past, setting her on her outlaw path. Ashe’s origin story reveals that she brokered peace between the smaller gangs. Her past as the daughter of rich business consultants helped her lead the Deadlock Gang. Ashe, or Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe, went initially by the nickname “Calamity.” According to the Overwatch website, however, her hero name appears as Ashe and not Calamity. Getting a cool nickname is just a side effect of being a gang leader, it seems.

The New Overwatch Hero: Ashe’s Weapons & Abilities

Ashe’s primary attack weapon, the scoped Viper, fires rapid shots. She aims down its sights for a more precise and more damaging shot. Her first ability, Dynamite, throws a pack of TNT-style explosives. After a short delay, or immediately when shot, the dynamite detonates and sets enemies on fire.

Her second ability, Coach Gun, blasts enemies in front of her away and also propels her backwards. Ashe can use this to get higher into the air, similar to Junkrat’s Concussion Mine.

Ashe calls down B.O.B. for her Ultimate ability. B.O.B. used to be a butler for Ashe’s family. In game, he functions as an AI ally summoned when Ashe activates her Ultimate ability. Once summoned, he charges forward and knocks enemies backwards. This happens in the direction the player looks. He then fires at enemies with his arm cannons. B.O.B. has 1200 health. Other players can buff him, heal him, debuff him, and kill him. If he isn’t killed, he will leave.

We’re all very excited about having B.O.B. as Ashe’s ultimate, especially since we have not seen something like this in Overwatch before. It could be argued that he acts like a turret, but what kind of turret has that much style? When summoned, B.O.B. crashes down from the sky, and when he leaves, he launches into the air Superman-style. Not to mention, Ashe’s skins also give B.O.B. a matching look.

The reception of Ashe’s announcement on Twitter and Tumblr has been positive so far.

Hero 30 & Ashe’s Availability

Another omnic, identified as Echo, appears in McCree’s short. Blizzard has not announced her as a playable character yet, but she appeared previously in concept art.

Ashe will be a damage hero. Developers have not listed her release date, but it is speculated she will be in-game soon. As of November 5th, players can choose Ashe in PTR.

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