Netflix VS Hulu: Which Streaming Service Is Better?

Netflix vs. Hulu: If you can only afford one, which streaming service is worth your cash? Both video streaming services have revolutionized the business of entertainment for good. It is because of their success that almost every device with a screen supports streaming.

In 1997, Netflix started as a DVD-by-mail service that had no late fees. This idea nearly ended the business of movie rental. Recent stats have revealed that Netflix has around 125 million subscribers. It spends millions of dollars on Original shows and to get licenses for movies.

In 2008, Hulu started a very similar business through network TV rather than movies. Hulu was a syndication engine for content owners. It grew and became the go-to-service for major television programs from different channels. The list excludes “CW and CBS.” According to comScore, Hulu ranked second with over 856 million video views.

Price Of Netflix VS Hulu:

Netflix offers various subscription tiers that range from $8 to $14 per month. The charges for the regular SD resolution is $8 per month. While HD Quality for two streams costs about $11 per month. The 4K Ultra HD for four streams at a time costs $14 per month.

Hulu costs $12 while the regular service charges are $8 per month. These are not the only options, as a live-TV streaming package is now also being offered by Hulu. The package includes 50+ channels with the regular on-demand library. This package costs $40 per month.

The Content Library

When it comes to content, no one can beat Netflix. Presently, it spends about $8 billion on content every year. A large number of acclaimed International films are available on Netflix.

When it comes to handling the shows that are not originals, but rather third-party productions, Netflix is way behind. Hulu offers all of the current episodes for TV series which are from other networks as soon as they air, which gives it an edge. Even though it is always one season behind for what’s currently airing on other networks, it’s still not too bad of a service, given the amount of content present on its library.

In the battle of Netflix VS Hulu, Netflix has an edge because of its almost infinite content library. Even then, it needs to work on keeping up with the latest TV shows like other services do. But, surely you won’t run out of shows to watch, no matter how hard you try.

Supported devices

Netflix is supported on almost every device. It has become so popular that many devices now have a dedicated Netflix button on the remote.

As for Hulu, it can be run on many devices but does not provide as good accessibility as Netflix does. So Netflix does stand out in this forte.

Ease Of Use & Interface

In terms of functionality of Netflix VS Hulu, Netflix offers a very slick design with a very efficient and personalized “Top Picks” category right on its home screen. This makes it very easy to find what you want. Even though Netflix has continued to add third-party content, it is still more focused on its original content.

The best part is that you get to enjoy the same slick interface across all devices and platforms such as HDTVs, Blu-ray players, and even Roku’s. As for Hulu, the UI is pretty much as simple as that of Netflix. It has got libraries and categories such as TV, Keep Watching, and Kids & Movies. Premium channels such as HBO or many other shows can be added on so that they show up on the home screen.

In picking out the service that actually stands out in this forte, we believe that Hulu has the lead in this area. This is only because of the streaming service’s capability of adding third-party streams to the main interface.

Audio & Video Quality

Netflix VS Hulu, both offer 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR streaming support in addition to the regular 1080p streams. While Hulu does not charge any such extra fee for offering 4K content, Netflix only offers 4K streaming in its most pricey plan.

For audio, Netflix offers Dolby Atmos, in addition to the regular 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, on most of the content that it offers. Hulu is, however, only limited to stereo sound, even though it has a lot of content on its library which is easily available in better sound qualities.

As you may have come to the same conclusion already, Netflix reigns over Hulu as it offers a superb 4K quality experience. And since it even supports the Dolby Atmos and the other popular surround sound features, it’s an easy winner here too.

Which Is Better?

Netflix! While Hulu has got its own unique selling points, Netflix stands out in most areas, which explains why it has become a “supreme leader” in the video streaming industry. It is recommended that a combination of multiple services should be acknowledged which will allow you to access to a maximum amount of different shows and movies to watch. But if you gotta pick one, its Netflix. Start your binge-watching now!

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  1. I have Netflix and Hulu but I almost exclusively use Netflix. I only use Hulu when what I want to watch is not on Netflix. (Like when The Emperor’s New Groove was taken off and put on Hulu.) However when I get Disney+ I’ll most likely use that one the most.

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