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Netflix to Eventually Start Producing Anime

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According to The Verge, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings could be thinking of anime as the company’s next big step.

In an interview with The New York Times‘ Andrew Ross Sorkin at the DealBook conference, Hastings stated that he is “hopeful” that Netflix will “make a great anime show”. The Netflix CEO talked about the company’s future programming from production companies around the world with a spending of $50 billion in 2016 on content.

Netflix is already streaming many popular animes such as Death Note, Sword Art Online or the most recent Knights of Sidonia and The Seven Deadly Sins. They are also going to start airing Smile Precure! on December 18th.

Not much more information is known for now. We still don’t know whether Netflix would be creating an original anime series or adapting a story from a manga or light novel. However, imagining what Netflix could do with anime and a big budget might already cause some major drooling from many anime fans.

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